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  • My memory of this show softens with time...

    This review is written through the eyes of a twelve year old girl, but with the memory of a thirty-five year old woman. I had hoped that this page could provide episode summaries in order to jog my memories of this show, but all I really remember are little snippets of the show and the good feeling it gave me after watching it.

    Lottery! was a household favorite. We would pop popcorn in the air popper and my incredibly nuclear family would settle in the beat up couch that sat in front of the rabbit-eared television set. All four of us-- my father, mother, sister and I-- loved this program and we set aside the time to watch it (VCRs insanely expensive those days and TiVOs weren't even conceivable). Four dreamers, us all...

    The show, in essence, was a glimpse into the lives of otherwise ordinary folks who come in to a large amount of cash. It was episodic; The only two reoccurring characters were that of the lottery liaison and the IRS man, and it seemed as though they only had cameos in their own show. Once they settled the money issue, the guest stars in each episode took it from there.

    Some would squander the money (I remember a child who had filled his room with coin operated video games), some would use it wisely... and after every episode, our family asked ourselves "what would we do?" as if there were even the slightest possibility of it happening to us.

    This was a great escapist drama that I would have seen last at least a little longer than it did.