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  • This show taps into everybody's fantasy: getting found money you didn't know was coming. And each episode had enough wish fullfilment fantasy to appease all ages!

    This was a particular favorite of mine. I remember it was one of the few shows of that era (Voyagers!) was another one – funny, they both have exclamation marks – that my brother and I could sit down with my folks and enjoy. After every episode we would all talk about what we would do if we ever got a million dollars. It was great dinnertime conversation, something I believe is missing from today's shows. Perhaps that's just rose-colored glasses, though.
    We particularly enjoyed the episode in which one of the characters shared our family's rare surname! It was quite a thrill to hear your name on TV back then.
    If there are any shows from that era that deserve updating, this would be one of them. The anthology style of the show, however, was probably something that didn't sit well with audiences used to following season-long character arcs (as in Dallas) or non-stop action (Miami Vice and The A-Team). Still, were this show remade today it would sit nicely in the PAX channel lineup. Other shows from that era we enjoyed were Whiz Kids and Dukes of Hazzard and, yes, Manimal.