Lou & Lou: Safety Patrol

Disney Channel Premiered Jun 19, 2006 In Season


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  • Lou and--WHY?!

    These guys are health/safety nuts! The Moral Guardian Association must have told them, "Agent Lou & Lou, and Similar Named Dog: we have a mission for you: pollute the Disney Channel with SAFE TV! Be as precocious as possible, NAG the most nonthreatening children, and ticket people for "unsafe" things! LIKE DRINKING SODA!!! Soon, every channel, on every station, will be CHILD SAFE!!! Now...on to Cartoon Network, and SOON, THE WORLD!!!" Like I said, these guys WANT to be safety patrol officers, the least paying job in America, and they harass people for minor things--like, say, if I opened up a can of chips on my way to school. "SAFETY VIOLATION! You know chips aren't good for you-have a carrot instead." Who are they, the Food and Drug Police?

    ...watch something else, ANYTHING else, just not this annoying P.O.S.
  • There are far better ways to teach kids about being safe

    I was flipping through the TV channels to find something good on and I came across this piece of junk, Lou & Lou: Safety Patrol. The show is about 2 kids named Lou, Louise, and their dog named Louie go out and teach kids about being safe at home, at the pool, or a museum, and so on. At first it doesn't sound too bad, but Lou and Lou take safety WAY too far, and they say safety violation too many times. The episode I saw was with Lou and Lou teaching kids about being healthy, but they act like they are the ones that decide everything for kids. They stop a girl from eating candy, or a person drinking a soda, and they even stop a kid from playing a video game. Now I am all for being healthy, but Lou and Lou have no right to tell kids whet they can and can't do with their lives and need to stay out of their business. There are far better ways to teach kids about safety and if you have kids,don't let them watch this garbage.
  • Not as wonderful as you think,

    lou and lou are really smart and intellegent kids, but the show is just kind of boring, the old episodes were really addicting and interesting, but the new episodes don't really seem interesting to me, I think they're still pretty smart and can understand every violantion they see so they are still sensible it's just that the show didn't really fit my taste of course it's not as bad as that stupid choo choo soul show or a bad nickolodeon show like Mighty B who's very adventerous but to this point on this show was not my taste, try looking for something better.