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CNN Premiered Jun 17, 2003 In Season


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  • Lou Dobbs Tonight Reveiw

    I mostly agree with what Lou Dobbs says but some things i do not agree with him at all i like how when he does not beat around the bush and say what is on his mind he most have mastred debating when he was in school because i never seen nobody do it better then him the storys are good and not very boring and mostly not if all have good information for every one to know i like to watch Lou Dobbs when ever i can I give his show a 10 out of 10 that is all i have to a say.
  • Hard hitting, fact finding, usually attacking the follies of any and all political parties and their key players.

    Lou usually tells it like it is and doesn't tolerate politicians that talk out of both sides of their faces. Lou an his investigative staff examine relevant issues and ask thought provoking questions everyday. Watching Lou is a good way to stay informed and occassionally get a taste information leaking out of the inside of the governmet before anybody else gets a clue.
  • What is Lou's Deal?

    I mean, especially with a network like CNN, why doesnn't he talk about A different issue than immigrants? I don't like illegal immigration but this guy can at least harp on something else.

    You would think CNN would try to make him chose different topics. Or at least one.

    Conservatives on the FOX network like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson, and Shepard Smith don't like illegal immigration either but at least they have a more balanced news program.

    I am not surprised that Lou don't try and film his show on the border in CA, AZ, or TX and film illegals as they come in. He could even interview the minutemen everyday on capture updates.

    But then maybe he visits this site and I shouldn't give him any ideas.......
  • Lou Dobbs show is a must-see for all Americans that value their middle-class or minimum-wage class jobs.

    The presentations provided on Outsourcing America and Broken Borders are superb! Regardless of political affiliation there is a lot of eye-opening information here to all who value their or their children\'s careers in the future.
    Lou\'s political views are among the most relevant, un-biased in the US news industry. Only those far from the middle (either left or right) would criticize any bias attitudes shown by this news host.
    His guests are informed and well-versed in their subject matters.
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