Lou Grant

Season 3 Episode 11

Andrew (2): Trial

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

Art's cousin Andrew faces charges of murder. (See also previous episode.) As the young man suffers from a personality disorder, there is some confusion about what he should plead in court. His lawyer advises diminished responsibility due to temporary insanity but Andrew insists on innocent. After all, he can't remember killing the girl. At first the Tribune does not spend much attention to the case. If the suspect hadn't been Art's cousin, would editors have noticed the story? But as the other papers start to cover it, the Trib is forced to do so as well, much to the dismay of Art. He believes the details of the murder will incite the local community, making it necessary for the D.A. to go for murder one. Joe Rossi gets a call from an old friend who will soon return from Beijing. To celebrate the reunion Joe plans a party, although socializing is not really his thing. Despite the valiant efforts of his lawyer Andrew is convicted of the murder. Before any punishment is determined, Andrew's psychiatrist testifies that Andrew suffers from multiple personality syndrome. It does not sway the jury and Andrew is sentenced to 15 years in prison. At Joe's party, which is held in Lou's apartment because Joe's isn't big enough, Art shows up, much to everyone's surprise. He has decided that he cannot hold it against the Tribunes that it printed the story. The reporters did their best to help Andrew.
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