Lou Grant

Season 5 Episode 24


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 13, 1982 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • For this episode, another fictional Arab country was created. After Qular in "Unthinkable" (episode 110) we now get Qulai. Or did the story continuity editor merely make a typo?

  • Quotes

    • Lou: See if you can call in an off-the-rack story before six o'clock.
      Lance: Great, sure. But the expression is "off-the-wall".
      Lou: Off-the-rack. Adequate and fast. I don't want you agonizing over every detail.

    • Billie: I got shot down for the job at the Sacramento bureau.
      Art: Oh, no. I'm sorry. Sit down.
      Billie: Do you know why? Because I'm a good reporter!

    • Art: I didn't sleep last night, I'm having trouble keeping my food down. If I had to come up with your name at the moment, I'd really have to take a wild guess.
      Billie: Billie.
      Art: Thank you. My guess would have been Wendy.

    • Art: Some people have families; some people have families thrust upon them.

  • Notes

    • The series ended in what is probably one of the most controverisal cancellations in television history. Since Lou Grant was undeniably slipping in the ratings, CBS cited that as the motive for canceling Lou Grant. However, many people blamed the cancellation on Ed Asner's reputation as an outspoken liberal politcal activist. During the '80s, Asner publicly denounced foreign policy and the Reagan administration.

    • The final aired episode of Lou Grant

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