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fave episode(s)?

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    mine... oh i have several but what i remember most often is the one where lou gets cancer of the throat and has it operated on.  at the end of the show, everyone comes to visit him and each has had the brilliant idea of bringing him a copy of that day's newspaper, so of course he ends up with a stack of newspaper.  as each one asks him how he feels, he croaks out:  "i can't SING!"


    p.s. i have a review of ed asner if you want to read it.  my review

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    Thanks for this ... I remember that episode well. I loved the end! Isn't it strange that you get all kind of crappy tv-shows on DVD nowadays but no Lou Grant?!?

    Thanks for the review!
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    Hollywood (season 3). It's a murder mystery in the style of a film noir. And Animal steals the show.
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    The episode that stands out most in my mind is Libel, which aired 27 years ago tonight. It was part of a remarkable day that all seemed to be interconnected.

    On my way home from work that night, I stopped at the grocery store, and I couldn't avoid seeing the latest issue of the National Enquirer intruding its way into my range of vision. The cover story said that Mary Tyler Moore drove her son to suicide. I was SO angry about that headline that I grumbled about it all the way back to my car. I barely even sang along with John Lennon's (Just Like) Starting over on my car radio as I got to my house.

    Later than night, I was watching Lou Grant, which was aboutan Enquirer-type tabloid that sued the Trib for--essentially--printing the truth about what a filthy rag it was. What a coincidence, I thought. The episode--plus the earlier headline in the actual rag--had me riled up enough that at 11pm, I went outside to shovel the driveway (we had just had a snowstorm).

    By the time I was done, I had burned off enough energy, so I went into the house, and my dad told me that George Harrison had just been stabbed (dad's mind was going). I turned on the radio and they were playing "Imagine" by John Lennon. It wasn't long before I realized that it was John Lennon who had been shot...and killed!

    That episode of Lou Grant faded into the distance until the following week, when I was back at the grocery store, and AGAIN I was outraged by the Enquirer. This time, though, was even more egregious! On the cover, was a photo of John Lennon's corpse inside his unzipped body bag. With a little Lou Grant bravado, I asked to see the store manager. I told him how offensive I thought it was to have that picture of Lennon's dead face thrust into the face of every person going through the checkout. I said I wasn't going to shop there anymore, and I was going to find a store that didn't carry that rag!

    I expected the manager to say, "Good luck", because EVERY grocery store carried that rag. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the manager AGREED with me, and he had his staff pull down every copy of the magazine. I was stunned by his understanding!

    Later, he told me that he sold it to anyone who specifically asked for it, but that issue was off the stands. I told him that was good enough for me! It felt like a real victory.

    I never met an episode of Lou Grant that I didn't like, but that one episode REALLY stands out in my mind as a part of my life. I hear there is talk of the show coming out on DVD in the coming year. I sure hope that's more than wishful thinking!

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    Knee-jerk stand-outs for me, in no particular order:

    Season 1, episode 2: 'Hostages' - a great story, and well portrayed by the regulars & guest actor John Rubinstein. In this episode,the theme of terrorism and how the media presents it resonates remarkably well even today, and the way the writers chose to have it be a point of contention within the characters was a good mark of depth. Also, Animal's slapstick moments were pretty righteous, as well as Donovan's petty concern over the well-being of his suit.

    Season 2, episode 24: 'Romance' - I found the story of this young mother-to-be pursuing pregnancy, in what appeared to be a short-sighted and self-serving fashion, rather compelling, and I can imagine it being particularly moving for any parent, especially a mother with a daughter in this same situation. Terri Nunn of Berlin stars as the girl seeking motherhood... I didn't notice that until just recently.

    Season 4, episode 15: 'Venice' - Animal finds himself enamored of a woman who commits suicide and is compelled to find out why she took her own life. A very touching story, and a different flavor from the usual Lou Grant standard.

    Season 1, episode 9: 'Judge' - this may not be a stellar episode overall, but it contains an absolutely riveting performance by guest actor Barnard Hughes as the judge coming to terms with the onset of his own mental limitations bordering on paranoia. Here's the audio of his break-down monologue:


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