Lou Grant

Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 1980 on CBS

Episode Recap

When a cache of some stolen guns is accidentally found, a link is made between recent gun thefts and Irish terrorists. At McKenna's, a bar near The Tribune's offices, Lou celebrates Saint Patrick's Day. He is introduced to Francie Fitzgerald, a journalist from Dublin. Lou, Francie, Rossie and Donovan discuss the problems of Ulster. Donovan is annoyed to find that the Irish expect him to be on their side, just because his grandfather came from the old country. As Fitzgerald is short on cash, Lou offers to put him up for the night.

The next morning Lou is surprised to find the FBI on his doorstep. They are looking for Fitzgerald, a suspected terrorist. During the night Fitzgerald has stolen Lou's driver's license and social security card. With these documents he might get a fake passport. Lou is so angry about being duped that he asks Maggie, the owner of McKenna's, to put word out in the Irish community that he wants to meet Fitzgerald again.

The feds are on hot on the trail of Fitzgerald. He can just escape them as he is about to get at the contents of a safe deposit box. The FBI find a fake passport in the box. Billie interviews two Irish women, a Catholic and a Protestant, who are on a mission in the US to convince people not to support the insane violence in Ireland.

Lou gets picked up by a strange man to talk about Fitzgerald. He learns that some Irish terrorists are after Fitzgerald as well. Apparently there is some tension between different factions within the terrorist movement.

As Fitzgerald hides in a suburban house, terrorists put a bomb under his car. Unfortunately a young boy looking for his ball, sets off the bomb. Fitzgerald disappears. When the Trib reporters inform customers at McKenna's of the innocent boy's death, some are shocked about the unintended effects of their fight. Maggie removes the collection boxes from the tables.
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