Lou Grant

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 1977 on CBS
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Veteran journalist Jack Riley convinces Lou and Rossi to go to Jamaica to find a missing Los Angeles industrialist who was thought to have been kidnapped.

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      • Lou: (Lou returns to the crowded Tribune office after he discovers that he's been duped by Jack Riley) What's the matter? What're you all staring at? Haven't you people ever seen a PIGEON before?
        Donovan: Not a 200 pound one.

      • Lou: (inquiring about the validity of Jack Riley's story) Dale, how'd he check out?
        Dale: He worked for Contemporell for two months, and that petty cash figure is right on the button. (referring to money Riley admitted he stole)
        Rossi: Wonderful. We proved he's a thief!
        Lou: I dunno… it takes an honest man to admit he's a crook.

      • Charlie Hume: (on Luther Cardell's disappearance and possible kidnapping) It's hard to believe that Cardell would walk away from his family without a WORD…
        Mrs. Pynchon: Don't be too sure of that. Now, from what I've heard, the Cardells haven't slept in the same bed since General MacArthur was recalled. What do YOU think, Mr. Hume?
        Charlie Hume: Well, I think Truman had no choice. (laughs to himself, but Mrs. Pynchon is not amused)
        Mrs. Pynchon: About THIS; about the Cardell matter…
        Charlie Hume: Oh, Cuba… well, if everybody who didn't go to bed with his wife went to Cuba, Havana would be a livelier city! (laughs out loud to himself again; Mrs. Pynchon is even less amused.)

      • TV Reporter: Sorry we're late. We had to go back for a piece of equipment.
        Carla: Your hair dryer?

      • Riley: You're on the brink of a big story. Don't walk away from it. If I put a plate full of rubies in front of you, would you push them away?
        Lou: Rubies always give me indigestion.

      • Lou: How much does this story mean to you?
        Rossi: A lot! Why?
        Lou: You may have to dance with me.

      • Mrs. Pynchon: Run your story, Mr. Grant. And at the Tribune we insist on accuracy. Be sure you make yourself look like a complete ass.

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      • In this episode, Margaret Pynchon and Charlie Hume refer to General MacArthur and former US president Harry Truman. In 1951, President Truman "dismissed" (fired) General Douglas MacArthur from duty for making disparaging public remarks about the Truman administration during the US involvement in the Korean War after the US military had sustained a series of defeats in battle.