Lou Grant

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

As a survivor of thyroid cancer Lou takes part in a research project at the Los Angeles University. He meets Dr. Daniel Todson, who is lauded by the head of the Medicine Department, Dr. Duncan, as a scientist with a bright future. The university, Dr. Duncan added, has just beengiven the Strauss Award. When he hears that Lou works for a newspaper, he mentions that he would like more stories about the university in The Tribune. Damon Forest, former head of the alumni organisation, is a friend of Charlie Hume, and he also asks for more publicity.

Joe Rossi is sent over to LAU to find out what kind of research is going on. Dr. Todson seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough in arthritis treatment, though he doesn't like the attention of Rossi or a film crew. Rossi overhears a conversation between Todson and his assistant, discovering that the research isn't going well. Meanwhile, Billie interview Dr. Duncan and learns that LAU's success is because it goes after projects that are popular. When Billie mentions that the university gets a lot of money from the Emerson Steward Foundation, Duncan says it's just one of many contributors. But people at Emerson Steward Foundation refuse to talk to Billie. She then takes a closer look at some recent research projects and discovers one that seems to refute worries about the harm of candy. And as it appears, a large candy company is linked to ESF. Is LAU accepting projects that help big contributors?

Lou meets a strange young man during his visits at LAU. Michael is a professional guinea pig, spending his days undergoing tests. Lou fears he's wasting his life. Dr. Todson complains to Dr. Duncan that he doesn't have enough lab assistants for his arthritis research. Duncan begins to worry about Todson and advises him to spend some time teaching.

The next day Todson and Duncan find a lot of people celebrating in the lab. Another university has given up its research in immunology, the very thing Todson is doing. It seems LAU will get all the acclaim if it finds a solution, but both Todson and Duncan are worried. Duncan shows Todson an article from the Ottowa Medical Journal in which it stated that it can't replicate Todson's tests. Is somthing wrong with the research project? To get a better result, Todson switches rabbits, making it look like the rabbit with arthritis has been cured. At the Strauss Award ceremony Dr. Duncan announces Todson's success.

Charlie Hume gets a complaint from Damon Forest about Billie snooping around ESF. Is The Tribune trying to make LAU look bad? At the press conference where the arthritis success is made public, Rossi notices that the other doctors are not enthusiastic. He asks Dr. Rita Silvera for her opinion, and she mentions the sceptical article in the Ottowa Medical Journal. Some time later she notices that the rabbits at the lab are not who they seem. Todson has switched test animals. When Duncan hears about this, he asks Todson to disappear for a while.

Damon Forest meets Billie at Charlie's office and repeats his complaints. Billie, who's disappointed in the ethics of people at LAU, defends her position, and she finds an ally in Charlie. He promises to print more about shenanigans at the university, ... even if that means he won't get seats for the football matches any more.

Rossi can track down Daniel Todson. Todson talks about his aspirations and how it all went wrong when he got the university's ambitions took over.

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