Lou Grant

Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 1980 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lately Adam Williams has been asking people to cover for him, in case his wife calls. Lou catches Adam out on lies when Adam tries to explain his behavior. Animal and city reporter Nick Boyer visit Farrand Lake, the site of a possible new airport, quite far from Los Angeles. Boyer thinks the airport is an example of bad planning and assumes that some influential people are trying to make big bucks out of it. Mrs. Pynchon gets invited to lunch by a group of important Los Angeles businessmen, including presidential candidate Dutch Van Deusen. She is flattered by the invitation, as her late husband's negative reporting on these people previously left her ostracized.

One night Lou gets called out of bed by a barman who's got a very drunk Adam in his establishment. Adam's wife Rosalie refuses to let Adam back in and so Lou puts him up for the night. The next morning Adam assures Lou that his hard partying was just the result of some recent pressure. Mrs. Pynchon returns from her lunch with a renewed respect for the captains of industry who obviously are trying to work for the good of the city. As a result she gets annoyed with the critical articles Nick Boyer writes about the Farrand Lake project.

Lou goes to have dinner with Adam and Rosalie, but when he arrives Adam has left the house after an argument with his wife. Rosalie doesn't mince words: Adam is an alcoholic. When Adam neglects to give Billie some information in time, Lou goes through Adam's desk and finds a bottle of vodka. He takes Adam aside in the bathroom and accuses him of dangerous behavior. Rossi walks into the bathroom and overhears the conversation. Some time later Joe invites Lou over for dinner at his father's house.

Mrs. Pynchon's irritation with Nick Boyer's opinions leads her to demand that the man gets dismissed. Charlie promises to do so, but hopes that she will forget all about it. Rossi's father Carmine tells Lou over dinner that he is an alcoholic, sober now for fourteen months. He advises Lou not to help Adam until Adam admits his problem. That's what Joe did for his father. Shortly afterwards Adam asks Lou for a loan, which Lou refuses. The next night Adam is in real trouble when he gets arrested for drunk driving. Again Lou refuses to do anything until Adam tackles his problem.

Billie does some more investigating in the Farrand Lake project and discovers that large parts of the surrounding land is owned by dummy corporations controlled by the businessmen who regularly meet Mrs Pynchon for lunch. Mrs. Pynchon realizes she has been used and confronts Dutch Van Deusen with the facts, which she will soon publish in the Tribune. Afterwards she asks Charlie whether Nick Boyer has been fired. She is pleased to hear that Charlie "forgot".

Adam can't join the others for a party as he has to go to a "meeting". When he treats Lou coldly, Lou understands that Adam is angry for facing him with his problem and sending him to AA. Lou asks Rossi how long it takes before he will stop feeling like a traitor.