Lou Grant

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rossi gets very upset when notorious mobsters the Fergosi brothers walk free after a trial collapses. He remembers how his father used to have to pay men like these in New Jersey.

Billie has to follow the eletion campaign of Senator Patterson, one of Mrs. Pynchon's golden boys. The Trib's financial editor warns her that Patterson's advisor, Paul Thackery, is under investigation by the government for possible bank fraud.

Charlie sends Lou to the El Sirocco resort to set up the annual Trib tennis tournament. Lou can take anyone he wants, but eventually he has to settle for Rossi. At the resort it turns out that all decisions have already been made; Lou only has to decide whether the guests should get chocolate mousse for dessert or strawberry mousse. He changes his mind a few times. On the tennis court Lou bumps into a familiar face. Patsy Reece is a former mobster whose brother once escaped the death penalty after Lou wrote a story. Patsy invites Lou and Rossi over for drinks, but it's clear that he wants to know why the two reporters are there.

Soon Rossi and Lou start to see more mobsters at the resort. Even Paul Thackery shows up. In the evening two ladies try to seduce Lou and Rossi, but Lou suspects foul play. He hears a plane land, but can't see where it went. A guard tells him some people are convening in a large house on the outskirts of the resort. No-one is allowed near.

Lou has Animal come over from Los Angeles. He asks him to take photographs with a model in such a way that the mysterious house is always in the background. Using a strong lens, Animal can see Senator Patterson in the house. The senator is supposed to be on holiday in Baja. Apparently he flew from there to the meeting of the mobsters.

Lou tries to check out as soon as possible, but he's confronted with an exaggerated bill. When he demands to see the owner to complain, he faces Patsy again. Patsy wants to have a word with Lou. Lou announces that the Trib won't have its tennis tournament at El Sirocco.

When everyone is back in Los Angeles, the news is released that Thackery's bank is suddenly solvent. Did the mobsters help him out? When Animal develops his film rolls, they all show different subjects. Someone switched the rolls. The Tribune can't prove anything. Lou throws in the towel and starts his search for a new venue for the tennis tournament ...