Lou Grant

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Marla Evans takes her daughter Lisa to school, cashes a welfare check and walks home. She's followed by a man who breaks in her door, steals the money and kills her. Billie, who happens to be in the neighborhood, reports on the story and is surprised that she is the only one. She also discovers that none of the neighbors want to say that they saw anything.

Rossi gets a fun assignment.T he very rich Mrs Walker in Pasadena bat off some burglars with a golf club. Her living room is full of reporters and she enjoys the attention. At the editors' mleeting it is decided to put Rossi's story on the front page. Billie's story winds up on page 26, which upsets the reporter. Is this a race thing? Lou urges her to find out more.

Billie talks to the neighbors and hears that Marla was the unofficial spokeswoman for the building who sent many complaints to the rental agency. She had moved to Los Angeles after hes husband was killed during a robbery in Kansas City.

A nurse remembers helping a man with a head wound, and she identifies him as one Willie Nash, a notorious cat burglar. Unfortunately, Mrs. Walker can't identify him at a line-up. Rossi discovers that Mrs. Walker had had four martini's before the incident.

Billie only gets one day more for the Marla Evans story. She interviews a man at the rental agency who remembers Marla as a trouble maker. At Marla's funeral the young woman is remembered as a valuable member of society.

The police compare a list of people who knew Mrs. Walker was planning to leave town with a list of known criminals. This way they notice that a friend of Willie Nash took care of Mrs. Walker's furs. Perhaps he tipped off Nash? They decide to settrap, which Rossi can join. After hours of waiting they nab Willie Nash as he tries to burgle another home.

Little Lisa Evans goes missing from her foster home. She walks home and sees the strange man who had been observing her and her mother before her mother's death. The man follows Lisa to her old home. Upon hearing about Lisa's disappearance, Billie rushes to the building. She finds Lisa, but is surprised by the stranger. Luckily a policeman shows up and the neighbor from across the hall identifies the stranger as the man who kicked in Marla's door.

At the next editors' meeting it is decided that the Walker story has run its course. Billie's story, on the other hand, winds up on the front page.