Lou Grant

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 1982 on CBS

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  • Conflict of interest

    A conflict of interest is faced by Rossi and his editors. A story Rossi is working on includes the fact that Mrs. Pynchon's husband was involved in some underhanded business dealings against Japanese Americans. Charlie and Lou kill the story to protect their boss whom they believe is still ailing after her stroke. Meanwhile, we get a lot of background on the relocation of Japanese Americans during the second world war. Pat Morita is a guest star in his pre-Karate Kid days. Probably the best moment is the scene where Rossi informs Margaret about her husband's past business schemes. We are supposed to think that she may have another stroke, and while she doesn't, the tension in the scene and several that follow make for an interesting episode.