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  • Awesome show

    This show went off the air when I was one years old. I am glad I have access to watch it now. I started off watching Mary Tyler Moore shows, which I would sometimes catch on tv reruns. I liked Lou Grant's character and was happy to discover this show. I liked this show better. Real great talent and writing.
  • 'Lou Grant' - another example of what made TV great in the '70s.

    Great, well-written stories that held personal resonance and societal relevance. Hard to find shows of this caliber today.

    Idiosyncratic observations:

    Of the 5 different intro sequences made for each season, the first season's is my favorite: the whole 'Bird loses it's home because the tree is felled to be turned into paper to be used for the news publication which ends up on the floor of a bird cage to be crapped on' is brilliant irony & beautiful poetic justice.

    Seasons 2-5 had a little guitar solo at the end of the intro sequence soundtrack... season 2 featured the best lick.
  • Lou Grant (1977-1982) was a spinoff of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, centering on Lou Grant working as an editor for the LA Tribune. It's weird, I've been using tv.com for ages and never ever thought of becoming a member ...

    It's weird, I've been using tv.com for ages and never ever thought of becoming a member and now because of Lou Grant I am a member nevertheless. I couldn't believe that so many people thought that this childhood classic of mine was a bad show. Lou Grant was shown in Germany in the late 70s and the early 80s ... not all episodes as I know by now but some and I never missed a single episode although I wasn't even 10 years old at that time. The stories fascinated me and in me grew the wish to become a journalist just because of this brilliant show. The cast, the characters and the stories delivered every single week and I couldn't name a single bad episode. I'm still hoping that one day this wonderful series will be released as a DVD set ... I'd be amongst the first to buy it!
  • Simply superb.

    Not seen it in a few years but the memory of it lingers on and inspires me still. Okay some cheesey moments but what do you expect in 1hr slots Shakespeare all the time? Tackled big issues some shows would still be scared of today. Edward Asner seemed ideal and believable in the role and it's sad not to see him similar roles today.