Lou Grant - Season 2

CBS (ended 1982)




Episode Guide

  • Romance
    Episode 24
    Rossi writes about a rock star who is being sued by a former girlfriend. Billie researches welfare mothers and learns about a girl who wants to have a baby just so she can get welfare payments and move out of her mother's place. Lou considers moving in together with his police-officer girlfriend Susan.moreless
  • Skids
    Episode 23

    When Lou recognises an old friend on the street, now living hand to mouth, he decides to have a series of articles made about life on Skid Row. Rossi finds it hard to accept this assignment, for personal reasons.

  • Bomb
    Episode 22

    After Rossi's encounter with a young terrorist threatening to blow up the city, the reporters look into the likelihood of someone actually being able to build an atomic bomb in their garage, and end up getting followed around by federal agents.

  • Marathon
    Episode 21

    The Tribune staff has an exhausting day covering a tunnel collapse, a "human fly" trying to scale a skyscraper, predictions of an alien UFO landing, and Art mulling over an offer to go to work for the governor.

  • Convention
    Episode 20

    The senior staff, attending a newspaper convention in Palm Springs, are informed by authorities that any of them could be the target of a terrorist kidnapping attempt. Meanwhile, Billie gets an interview with the terrorist group's leader.

  • Home
    Episode 19

    Both Billie and Lou are confronted with the problems of senior citizens. Billie goes undercover in Lakevale Nursing Home to investigate possible neglect. While jogging, Lou befriends a retired hat maker who desperately wants to be useful to society.

  • Hit
    Episode 18

    Rossi meets a woman who is still trying to solve the hit-and-run death of her son two years ago, and is so impressed by her determination that he ignores his regular assignments to help her.

  • Samaritan
    Episode 17

    The Tribune starts receiving a new series of letters from a serial killer called "Samaritan" who threatens to resume a reign of terror that everyone thought ended 5 years ago.

  • Sweep
    Episode 16
    After witnessing a raid at a Mexican restaurant, Lou and his staff investigate the problems caused by illegal immigrants, including those who exploit them. Lou also discovers that a newly-hired copy girl, Mrs. Pynchon's niece, is illiterate.
  • Scam
    Episode 15
    When Lou comes into some unexpected money, Charlie suggests that Lou let Charlie's broker David Milburn invest it for him. But then an unhappy former client of Milburn brings news of fraud to the newspaper. Charlie remains loyal to his broker and thinks the paper shouldn't publish rumors. However, the more the journalists investigate the case, the clearer it becomes that Charlie might never see his money again.moreless
  • Vet
    Episode 14

    After Animal risks his life to get a photograph, Lou discovers that he is a Vietnam veteran who is still haunted by his experiences. Lou commissions more stories about the difficulties faced by Vietnam vets, and tries to get Mrs. Pynchon to reach out to hire more of them at the paper.

  • Fire
    Episode 13

    A friend of Lou's angers the fire department by revealing information from an internal investigation that a series of fires are being set by an arson-for-profit gang that includes two officials. One of the fires occurs at Animal's apartment building.

  • Denial
    Episode 12

    A visit from Lou's daughter Ellen reveals that she is in denial about her son's progressive deafness. Meanwhile, Rossi is disgruntled about being told that his story about faulty building construction doesn't have enough documentation, and he gets in trouble by giving the story to a rival reporter.

  • Conflict
    Episode 11
    Many conflicts of interest for the Tribune staff come to light. Mrs. Pynchon orders an end to favoritism and freebies, but then Lou angers her by writing an article critical of one of her favorite charity's fund-raising tactics.
  • Babies
    Episode 10

    Billie and Rossi pose as wife and husband in order to investigate a black-market baby ring. During their investigation they find out personal things about each other.

  • Singles
    Episode 9

    Lou takes an instant dislike to a new media consultant who wants the Tribune to do more "sexy" stories in an attempt to widen the paper's audience. The reporters investigate various dating services, but the young man Billie meets refuses to leave her alone.

  • Slaughter
    Episode 8

    While on vacation, fishing with an old friend who now runs a small-town newspaper, Lou helps expose the cause of a mysterious illness plaguing the area's cattle, but a quarantine could ruin many of the local farmers.

  • Schools
    Episode 7

    Visiting a school guidance counselor to help pick a group of Tribune scholarship winners, Lou learns about the eruption of violence in such inner-city schools, but is shocked when she is beaten and raped by two students. Billie and Rossi work on a background story.

  • Dying
    Episode 6

    Donovan refuses to accept the fact that his terminally ill mother is dying. Meanwhile Lou sends Rossi to do a story on a rich woman who takes out an ad in the Trib, advertising for a husband; and Charlie sells his used car to Animal.

  • Murder
    Episode 5

    Billie gets upset when her story of the murder of an 'ordinary' African American mother gets buried on page 26 opposite the shipping news, while Rossi's upbeat feel-good story of an elderly white lady who beat up some attackers gets front page treatment.

  • Mob
    Episode 4

    When Lou and Rossi visit a resort to set up the newspaper staff's annual tennis tournament, they discover that it is a mob haven heavily populated by organized crime figures, as well as a Senate candidate.

  • Hooker
    Episode 3
    The victim of the murder Billie is investigating turns out to be a prostitute. But Billie ends up befriending Patti, a young lady who seems too bright and personable to be in the business of selling sex.
  • Prisoner
    Episode 2
    Mrs. Pynchon plays host to Amanda Baroja, wife to the ruler of a little-known Latin American country. The Baroja regime are tyrannical torturers, and Charlie Hume's first-hand experience with them causes him to confront Amanda at an inopportune moment.
  • Pills
    Episode 1
    A doctor is dealing illegal amphetamines to his patients. But when one of them breaks in to steal records that will help Rossi expose the crime, it is Rossi who faces jail time for refusing to reveal his source.