Lou Grant

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Art and Lou mock Kellum, a supremely inept colleague. How did he get a job at the Tribune?

Joanie Hume wants to pick up her childhood friend Ted Morrison at his place of work, the high-tech company Teletex, but she can only watch how officials arrest Ted as he leaves the building. She asks her father to have a reporter investigate the matter. Rossi gets the assignment, though he's busy with another story. Shortly afterwards, Harold Sohner, a Narcotics agent, drops by the newsroom, pleading with Lou and Charlie not to publish a story about Ted Morrison. It might damage an ongoing investigation.

Lou berates Rossi for alerting officials to his story, but the reporter has to admit he hasn't even started on his investigation yet. How did Narcotics hear about the story then? When Lou calls Sohner's office, the people there have never heard of him. If the story is about drugs, why is it being hushed up then? The Tribune asks these questions in an article on the front page.

Harold Sohner shows up again, admitting he's not from Narotics. He's from the CIA, and he claims most of the media have arrangements with the Agency. When Lou and Charlie consult Mrs. Pynchon, she says that there used to be an arrangement between the CIA and her husband during the height of the Cold War, but since her husband's death, she hasn't had any contact with the CIA. Does this mean that there is a mole in the newsroom?

Billie and Rossi start to have a closer look at Ted Morrison. He knew a lot of secret information about Teletex, but there is no drugs past. Meanwhile, the people at the Tribune start to suspect each other as being the mole. When Billie rifles through Rossi' desk looking for his candy bars, Rossi starts to wonder about her. Billie interviews Ted's parents and discovers that Ted is being charged with espionage. He's supposed to have sold secrets to Soviet at the embassy in Mexico.

Rossi finds out that Kellum started work at the Tribune without references. Could he be the CIA mole? But he was hired by Charlie! Further investigation shows that Kellum worked in several countries before he came to Los Angeles. Like a CIA agent?

Lou faces Charlie with his suspicions. Charlie has to admit he hired Kellum ... because he's the son of Mrs. Pynchon's cousin. He's quite shocked to hear that Lou suspected him from working with the CIA. But then again, he was doing some research himself ... about Lou's past. He has heard that the charges against Ted have been dropped. Apparently the government is afraid that too much sensitive information would become public if charges were filed against him. This way the story that caused so much troubl at the Tribune winds up on the inside pages. Just a few sentences ...