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Season 4 : Episode 1

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Louis C.K. stars in this brutally honest comedy about divorcee in his 40's trying to navigate through life. Louie returns for a fourth season in the summer of 2013.

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  • Clever, witty and overall a genuinely a fantastic show

    Awkward comes to mind when talking about Louie, Louis . loosely basis this show around events in his life. A modern classic, definitely the best comedy on TV right now.
  • The funniest show in Television!!!

    Louis . may be the funniest man alive right now!!! I have honestly never laughed so hard in my life watching this show!!! The guy is a genius!!
  • thumb up s1-2 ... thumb down s3 !

    I loved the first two seasons they were awesome and full of laughter :) Season 3 is a total disappointment :( I think this is why the show will not break until 2014.
  • Another stunning show that relies in the "awkward comedy" genre.

    Following the trend of modern classics such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, Its Always Sunny, Trailer Park Boys, Extras, etc. etc., comes Louie, the next in line to take a shot in whats the most consistent new wave in comedy. What I like to call "Awkward comedy". Louie mixes elements of Curb (the cringe inducing situations), Seinfeld (moments of stand up throughout the episodes) and The Office (despite all its humour, theres a heavy dose of emotion and sympathy for our protagonist), and while it clearly wears its influences, theres something about it that gives off a unique style. I think this is down to the fact that maybe its the first comedy (apart from The Office UK) where the heartfelt moments don't feel forced. Louie is generally a guy you end up caring for, because unlike Curb where Larry more often than not comes out the bad guy, Louie always does whats best for his daughters, and is such a down to earth and likeable person. This isn't clear until later on in season one, possibly starting with the episode "Bully", where we really grasp the show's formula and turns out we're not missing out on jokes afterall. Basically, don't go in expecting a laugh-per-minute absurdist comedy, because you will be disappointed. Expect a dramedy. Primarly a comedy, but with strong dramatic elements and if this sounds like your cup of tea, I can't think of a better show to recommend.

    I've always been aware of Louis CK and his reputation as one of the modern great comedians, but never got round to checking out his material. I can safely say this has bought me, although I can see why his fans might be a little put off him now as it may humanise his outrageous stand ups and raw delivery. If you're a fan of any of the aforementioned TV shows and cringe inducing, awkward humour, Louie is the next step to go.moreless
  • The Best show on TV?

    He's offensive, he's rude, he's honest, he's funny, he's REAL. This could very well be the best television show in the history of television as far as comedy goes. Too bad shows like this can't pump out the 24 episodes a season that the action/dramas can; although there are more explosions coming out of Louie's mouth at times, I find myself watching philosophy in motion at times while Louie blindsides me with something so true, funny that i can't contain myself.moreless

    Louie Has a Return Date and Some Weird Scheduling

    The good news: Season 4 will run for 14 episodes instead of 13. The bad news: Season 4 will be over before you know it.


    News Briefs: Louis C.K. Will Make More Shows for FX

    Plus: Revolution gets Poison'd, Comedy Central puts dates on a pair of shows, and someone in Nashville is gonna die!

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