Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 02, 2012 on FX

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  • louie is off the rails

    I liked the first 2 seasons but I am falling out of love with this show. The last 2 episodes in particular were pretentious, boring and most of all unfunny. Watching Louie now reminds me of sitting through a tedious Woody Allen film.

    C'mon Louie, stop taking yourself so seriously.
  • An awesome first half / cameo

    Might be my favorite half of a Louie episode so far - Robin Williams was great at the punch line at the strip club was perfect.

    If only the second half of the episode hadn't been so odd / disgusting... it also sort of repeated Louie's views on bad parenting without bringing much new to the table.
  • A very good bottle episode for season 3, made of 2 smaller mini-episodes, very entertaining.

    The first part, "Barney", was a really good segment, a total return. It didn't make a big deal out of anything except the music and black & white work, yet it had a lot of funny and human moments out of an odd thing.

    The second part, "Never", was a bit of a stretch from a plot perspective, it felt like an expansion of things that could have really happened but taken too far into the realm of absurdity, and it was only a heavy focus on humor which kept it alive. That said, the humor was really strong here so it definitely didn't lag for it, and watching Louie think he's being funny and clever bashing on Kansas City over the radio only to watch him take it too far was fantastic.

    All in all, this was the best of the season so far, for me, and that's an odd thing because it really worked well within a contained bottle - I laughed, I thought, I felt, and I didn't feel like I was being jerked around, that's all great, and a good turn from the previous episodes so far - but you can't just have weird crazy bottle episodes every time either.
  • Louies gets to go to Robin's

    So sad about the death of Robin Williams. I guess Louie will be going to his funeral. Funny, I just watched this episode last night and pondered the fact that Robin was getting older. And .

  • I approve!

    I thought J.B. Smoove's cameo was amazing.

    Same for Robin Williams. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode.
  • Best Episode of Louie So Far

    This episode is possibly the funniest half hour of television I've ever seen. I made a tv.com account JUST to be able to rate this episode.... bravo. Louis C.K. is a genius- his approach to writing, editing, and acting in this show is both highly original and artfully executed. With only 2 and a half seasons premiered so far, Louie has set a new standard for television comedy that all other networks should be striving for.