Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 17, 2010 on FX

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  • Bully

    The Good:

    -It's easy to see how Louie's sense of humor is charming to some women.

    -Louie defends Sean to his parents.

    -Sean's dad has a candid discussion with Louie.

    The Bad:

    -The beginning seems to have no bearing on the rest of "Bully." Usually, there are two segments combined in the title to indicate two separate situations.

  • perfect


    Man, this was kind of depressing to watch. Watching that Sean kid taunt Louie, saying how he could kick his ass if he wanted, was kind of hard to watch. Putting myself in that situation, I'd probably be forced, like Louie, to ask him not to, and that just depressed me. This episode did not really have a lot of jokes in it, but the storyline was really good. Basically, Louie goes on a date with a girl and takes her to a donut store. A bunch of high school guys come in and chat really noisily, and Louie asks them to pipe down. So, Sean comes up to him and starts making small talk, and says he might kick Louie's ass. So, he makes Louie beg him not to. The woman is completely turned off by this, and the date ends.

    My favorite thing about this episode, besides how depressing that scene in the donut shop was, was the revelation that Sean's parents hit him. When his mom yells at Louie and kicks him out because he was trying to tell her how to "raise her kid" i thought to myself "damn, woman, someone NEEDS to tell you how to raise your kid". definitely did not see that coming. This is probably my favorite episode so far. A+ or so as my final grade.

  • Bully

    The latest episode of Louie proved to be a step in the right direction as they had just one storyline. Louie and the fake Kristen Wiig were on a date, noisy kids ruined it and Louie followed a kid who threatened him home. It was very Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque, like just about every episode before this one, but there was actually something unique about this, to the other ones: it was kind of a funny premise as he was in a difficult spot.

    But it was not THAT funny. I mean, was their one particular line that was quoteworthy? I doubt it.
  • It is sad when a show as great as Louie is not avaialble on DVD or on-line. HEY FX get your act together and put Louie back on and release the DVD!

    Louis C.K. is a very funny fellow, the humor of his routines comes out in LOUIE. From the intro to the end each EP was enjoyable and funny. With only 2 seasons produced/aired it seems that FX has droped the ball and has let fans down by not re-airing the shows, posting the full videos on-line or releaseing the DVD collection. FX has truly let their viewers down. If anything FX should sign Louis C.K. for additional seasons and release the DVD collection for fans! HEY FX! Get you act together and put Louie back on and release the DVD collection!