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If you have not watch these two episodes of Louie, please go do so before you continue. It is definitely worth your time to watch.

So far I been loving Season four. I feel the show has matured much since it started a few years ago. I especially liked these two episodes of Louie.

I will not be writing a review as I neither have the time nor the skill to do justice to these two fantastic episodes. I still wanted to start a discussion since Tim is not doing any reviews.

I did the next best thing. I researched and read some reviews and the link below is the one that I liked most.

AVCLUB review on LOUIE

Beside what is written in the review above which mostly I agree, I loved the guy who played the younger Louie. He does not looked like Louie but he did a very good job at mimicking Louie mannerism and gestures. I really felt it was Louie 10-15 years ago.

In addition, two jokes are so well done that they are now much talked about on the internet.

1) Hurricane Jasmine-Forsythe has killed Lebron James

2) Ellen Burstyn hand motion for sexual penetration

Well done Louie!
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