Season 3 Episode 5

Daddy's Girlfriend Part 2

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Jul 26, 2012 on FX

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  • When everything works

    Louis C.K. is just firing on all cylinders here. It's amazing how he maintains the show's overall tone and feel, and still manages to experiment with style and narrative, unexpected camera work, and surprising, almost subliminal edits.

    Bringing on Susan Morse has turned out to be a genius move. I actually think the show can do no wrong right now. It's exciting to watch a very funny man step out of his natural comfort zone to explore complicated emotional territory. "Louie" is hilarious and raunchy, surprisingly beautiful and achingly melancholy, all at once.

    Parker Posey is masterful in everything she does. But she really brings her A-game here. You believe this character. You're mesmerized by her, right along with Louie. And knowing before he does that darkness is gathering, doesn't make it any less painful to watch her face transform on the rooftop.

    Louie in a spangled micro-dress. Tape Recorder. How does this show NOT win an Emmy?