Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 23, 2010 on FX

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  • Dentist/Tarese

    The Good:

    -The Dentist might have sexually abused Louie while he was under the gas.

    -Louie's imitation of a hand job from a Jewish girl is shockingly hilarious, which is the essence of his comedy at its best.

    The Bad:

    -Louie desperately chasing Tarese doesn't seem to mix with all the negative things he says about relationships.

  • This was the show that made me not a fan .The opening bit about the kid sex was just nasty,sad and just plain wrong. To suggest that child molesters should have sex with children and then call the parent's to ask were should the molester drop off the

    child,"sick"I find nothing brutally honest about that. The dentist part, also was in bad taste.The Arabic piece just mad me sick, to take a photo with a murderer as if he was a celebrity and then talk to him to change his mind about 9/11 ,as if changing his mind makes it better. I'm not sorry for changing the channel to another show ,never again will Luis C.K be watched .Yes I believe in freedom of speech but some topic's should not be aired as a funny matter. People are to forgiven, until something bad happens . WOW! I really hate this show
  • Horrendous

    I know that some people do not like how much I criticize this show, but honestly, I am just stating the facts. Every week I go in and try to enjoy the program and try to have my opinion swayed in a different direction, but it just cannot be done.

    Louie's stand up comedy is wildly inappropriate. Justifying pedophilia? I mean, really? This is not just not right for kids to watch, no one should be watching this anywhere in the world. And the actual content was not that much better. Following a woman and thinking she will go out with him? Just sleeping with a random fat woman?

    I cannot believe this show got renewed.
  • Very hilarious, in a cold, disgusting, repulsive, and brutal way. But it is truth to the comedy in some effect. For example, Muslims do view the world differently than us.

    Most of Louis C.K.'s comedy is repulsive, disgusting, and brutal. He talks about subjects that most comedians would never touch for the fear of reprimand and backlash from audience and viewers. But Louis makes those subjects funny. Some people, of course, do not find this particular humor funny, and I understand that, but be in mind Louis C.K. isn't your typical run of the mill comedian. Everything he will talk about would be to the extreme, whether it is the word "F*ggot" or child molestation. If you put it in rational view, it would be technically better to have a child molester, molest your children and not kill them, rather than molest and kill them. There is no argument that both of these actions are wrong, but technically there is a lesser of two evils. Not factoring in trauma and years of psychological analysis and toll on the child (children). But I do understand that some humor is very subjective and can lead to exasperation. But I still support this show, as comedy like this is very rare nowadays and people must learn to accept comedy for what it is. "No comedy is ever serious, in retention and no subject matter is ever hilarious or funny if it was presented or interpreted in a serious matter. Bottom Line: You cannot approach comedy in a serious matter. Is Louie advocating Child Molestation? Of course not, he is just giving a comedic rationalization that child molestation is much better than child molestation AND child homicide."

    Funniest episode so far in this season other than Dr. Ben
  • The Reason I Like Louie: A Defense

    The thing about Louie is that he always talks about the taboo stuff you aren't supposed to talk about. But unlike many lesser comedians, who appear to confuse humor with brainless offensive remarks, Louie doesn't just provoke offence and disgust; he does so in order to provoke thought and laughter. Of course he is not defending child molesters! He is pointing out that the reason they murder children is in order to get away with their primary crime. His absurdly logical argument that 'if child molestation was legal, the victims wouldn't get murdered' implies that in order to prevent murder, abuse should be legalized - which of course is a completely unacceptable conclusion: like he says, "I don't know what to do with that information". What seems offensive and disgusting is that he talks about this subject matter at all, not the substance of what he is saying. I think hating on Louie is based on people being too literal minded and not getting the irony. As I see it, the show uses a confessional kind of humor. In each episode we are sort of shown Louie's uncensored stream of consciousness; this means that he exposes himself in a way that the audience can see is ironic - like when Louie is hitting on the pretty black girl, his liberal love-and-tolerance attitude is exposed as really just the pathetic sexual fantasy of a middle-aged white guy. This can be uncomfortable because he is the main character and we tend to identify with him, so by implication he is exposing us too. But that is actually the reason I like Louie. In medieval times the king's fool had a certain license to say things others could not say without getting their heads chopped off. Nowadays, the audience is king, and sometimes we need licensed fools like Louie to provoke us into laughing at ourselves.