Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 23, 2010 on FX

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  • This was the show that made me not a fan .The opening bit about the kid sex was just nasty,sad and just plain wrong. To suggest that child molesters should have sex with children and then call the parent's to ask were should the molester drop off the

    child,"sick"I find nothing brutally honest about that. The dentist part, also was in bad taste.The Arabic piece just mad me sick, to take a photo with a murderer as if he was a celebrity and then talk to him to change his mind about 9/11 ,as if changing his mind makes it better. I'm not sorry for changing the channel to another show ,never again will Luis C.K be watched .Yes I believe in freedom of speech but some topic's should not be aired as a funny matter. People are to forgiven, until something bad happens . WOW! I really hate this show