Season 1 Episode 7

Double Date/Mom

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 03, 2010 on FX

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  • Double Date/Mom

    The Good:

    -"If you murder somebody and you never get caught, it's fine."

    -"My kids spent Christmas in a Holiday Inn, and Santa brought them each a bag of M & M's."

    -Louie's mom has a young, beautiful wife.

    -"A friend of mine was telling me about how he had sex with a hooker and it turned out to be a guy...and as I'm listening to this, I realize, 'Shit, that happened to me too!'And the upsetting part wasn't that it had happened, but that I had forgotten."

    The Bad:

    -Louie declaring that he doesn't actually love his mom seems out of character. He usually tries not to be a jerk, but just comes off as awkward. This scene makes him seem like a jerk outright.

    -The conversation between Louie's mom and Robbie seems heavy, even for this show.
  • 107

    Louie is still far from great, but this episode showed that there actually could be some potential for the low rated series which was just renewed for a second season. Why was it better? Because there was another character with a big role. The stand-up was limited, honestly, not much more than the really old Seinfeld episodes, and there was a lot of meaningful content. That is all I have been asking for. The actress playing Louie's mother did an excellent job and really played off her "son" well. She needs to come back at some point, but with Louie hogging all of the spotlight, I doubt we'll see that.