Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 31, 2010 on FX

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  • God

    The Good:

    -This is a frank examination of religion, but no matter the beliefs of the viewer, it can be interpreted to their liking.

    -Louie talking about how one says 'Jesus Christ' is hysterical.

    The Bad:

    -Why is the woman Louie went on a date with in "Bully" playing his Mom in "God?"
  • 111

    Next week is the season finale, and in all honesty I am glad that this show will no longer be plaguing my DVR.

    Louie just is a mess. While there is always one line that gets you, the show is just too absurd for television, and while it tries to be groundbreaking in the same way that It's Garry Shandling's Show broke the fourth wall, but you can only push the envelope so far A surprisingly creative episode that was a good commentary on religion, but sadly it was a misuse of 30 minutes of my life that was low on laughs.
  • I love the show, but...

    This episode was very mediocre. It seemed to me that the only comedy in this episode came from Louie's stand-up. Louie C.K. has a very honest approach to his material which is something I respect and is the key inhgredient to his genius. So when I saw his next episode was named God, I got excited to see Louie's take on religious material. Except what I found was the show really dragged into severe awkwardness. I believe the moral of the story was to prove that no one really knows the answer to the great unknown, but some care to push their beliefs too sternly onto others. The lecture Louie got from his mom afterwards was very well spoken and it shared in my own sense of belief. However when I tune into watch "Louie" I expect to be brought to tears in laughter only this episode makes me shed tears for the future of this show.

    Here is hoping the next one is a better one.