Season 3 Episode 7

Ikea/Piano Lesson

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Aug 09, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap

Louie heads to Ikea with a former hookup and they promptly fight over the quality of a rug. Later he decides to learn how to play the piano, but his first lesson is interrupted by a phone call from another hookup, Maria Bamford, who lets him know that it's likely he's got crabs. After canceling the piano lesson, an embarrassing trip to the pharmacist follows.

Louie catches an old clip of his standup from the 80s on cable TV and cringes. Sarah Silverman follows so Louie calls her to reminisce. Marc Maron follows and Louie realizes that a ten-year-old fight with Maron was really his fault all along. So he heads to Maron's house to apologize. Only Maron lets Louie know that he gave him the same speech... 5 years ago.