Season 3 Episode 13

New Year's Eve

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Sep 27, 2012 on FX

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  • From Hilarious to Heartbreaking

    Louie getting ready for Christmas was by far the funniest sequence of the season. But everything that followed was heartbreaking - especially the bizarre Piper Perabo re-appearance. Personally I'd rather have seen him spend some time in Mexico with Amy Poehler than head to China post New Years...
  • Always wonderfully surprising

    Another great season of Loui ends with an episode that is so tightly packed with deep content. The last ten minutes or so simply left me with my mouth open in awe for where it took me. Great directing, great acting, superb choice of music. This show has not disappointed me yet and I can't wait to see more from this great artist.
  • Great Ending!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The parker posey segment was a bit dark but the ending in China was great!! It's always refreshing to see those who are quite successful in this country take a step back to help recognize other lifestyles and cultures. Thou I must say, who was working the panning camera during the end... I felt motion sick after watching that final shot.
  • New Year's Eve

    Well, it was better than most episodes of Louie are. The opening sequence with the doll was funny, and his breakdown was well-documented even though that particularly may not have been amusing. It was a good wrap-up to his struggles and a good close to another depressing season for the man.