Season 3 Episode 1

Something is Wrong

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jun 28, 2012 on FX

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  • Worth the hype for a newbie

    I have never seen an episode of LOUIE. till this one. everywhere i turned, internet, newspaper, newsweek, internet, tv, tv, everywhere was louie ck this, louie ck that.... o said, geez already... i'll check it out so you will stop shoving this in my face everywhere.

    well louie is actually pretty good. i walked into season 3 knowing nothing except this guy is a professional comedian with an ex wife and kids, and anger and problems.

    well, it was very good. it's a nice show, and this episode was very good. it reminds me if seinfeld, with a much more grown up feel.

    i was worried when he started off with a masturbating/dick joke, but it was good, more witty than funny, but was a little of both, and then the joke got fuzzy, witty, doubled, and got weirdly dark whilst staying funny... that's got to be hard to do (no, no pun intended).

    and that opening joke describes in a way the whole episode. from trying to decipher a group of parking signs, to breaking up, but letting the other person do it while you think about your ice cream... just really good stuff.

    this show is pretty intelligent, and i'm staying
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