Season 3 Episode 1

Something is Wrong

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Jun 28, 2012 on FX

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  • A weak season opener, not terrible but not Louie-good

    Louie's stand up bit at the beginning of this ep was priceless, I could not stop laughing... right up until the actual episode started, then I did. Because it wasn't good.

    This was the "nothing's funny and nothing happened" episode, the only part of the non-standup of this episode that caught me was the confusion about the sign (both the in-story one and the one at the end). This was a real snore, the cinematography wasn't as good as the first seasons even, and the writing just felt like over-trodden territory that had nothing to say - although watching him wipe out on that bike was kinda good, that looked authentic when that bike slid into that truck so hard, I wonder if they expected it to hit so hard.

    His moping through several scenes also lacked punch or statement for me, the joke is he's letting it all wash over him while he feels just outside of control of the situations - ok, that's whatever, but it seemed like there wasn't enough of a point behind it.

    The motorcycle purchase felt very inauthentic to the character after seeing how cautious he was about being there for his kids, there was no driving force at all behind his choice, not even to get laid or feel alive, just the thinnest possible connection of needing transportation after his car got smashed in the silliest way possible (it was a great shock moment, but felt more like a dream sequence the way it paid off at the end).

    The reveal of the wife also added exactly nothing to tje episode for me. Everything she said could have been conveyed on Louie's side of the camera. There seemed like a missing punch to the situation's comedy and statement, like it was apathetic to both sides of the scenario.

    This isn't the first time Louie hasn't been a home run for me, I don't expect it to be the worst thing ever and the show is ruined and all that internet nonsense, but a season premiere sets the tone for the viewer, their expectations come from there, and that's what didn't sit well for me.