Love, American Style

Season 3 Episode 23

Love and the Bashful Groom

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 1971 on ABC

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  • Best of all I have seen

    This is the best sketch I have seen. It is written great making you stop to think how nudists are people and the extents one goes for true love.
  • Best of the bunch!

    This episode was the epitome of the whole series--bumbling, stumbling, then in the end a real laugh!!! The groom goes to the nudist camp and is uncomfortable about the whole thing. He then meets the bride's parents who are always nude and sees nothing wrong with it. The groom is not at all self-confident in the nudist colony---everywhere he looks he sees nudists---playing ball, jogging, sitting having drinks. When the time comes for the wedding, he tries to talk himself into going nude. He concludes that he loves the bride and nothing will stop him from going through with it.....that's when the biggest twist in the story occurs!