Love, American Style

Season 5 Episode 36

Love and the Big Top

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 1973 on ABC
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Love and the Big Top
The Great Lombardi's are a bickering middle-aged couple who find thrills with other swinging trapeze performers.

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      • Harry: (to Jim on the trapeze) What are you doing tonight?
        Jim: Oh, I don't know, Gloria's out of town.
        Harry: Want to come over for dinner, it's spaghetti?
        Jim: Oh gosh! Gloria left a baked turkey, two casseroles, a ham and shrimp and a Nestle road pie.
        Harry: (stomach grumbles) Ah you don't think I ah you might need some company? We could watch the fights. I'll bring the beer and everything.
        Jim: Ah, no Harry I don't think so, I gotta a headache.
        Harry: I'll bring my own garlic.
        Jim: (to himself) He always brings his own garlic.

      • Joy: Harry you don't look well at all.
        Harry: You wanna help me baby?
        Joy: Anything you say Harry.
        Harry: Have dinner with me tonight.
        Joy: Oh But I can't.
        Harry: Whose the boss?
        Joy: You are Harry.
        Harry: Who knows best?
        Joy: You do Harry.
        Harry: You wanna help Harry huh?
        Joy: You know I do Harry... but.
        Harry: No but's, I'll pick you up at your place at eight o'clock.
        Joy: No make it 7 no make that 6:30, I'm having my hair done at eight.
        Harry: (wife swings over) I won't be home for dinner tonight.
        Maria: Where do you think your going?
        Harry: I'm playing poker with Joey the clown and the Rubber man.
        Maria: And Jim?
        Harry: No he's babysitting a couple of casseroles tonight.

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