Love, American Style

Season 5 Episode 52

Love and the Cryin' Cowboy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 28, 1973 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Diana Trask was the FIRST Australian Country Singer to make it big in the United States before Olivia Newton John. Her career began in the early sixties as a regular on Sing Along with Mitch Miller.

    • Lyrics to the song sung by Mel Tillis (as Cleyon Potts).

      "Cryin' in My Beer"

      It was the end of the day and I had a powerful thirst,
      Thought I'd stop in for a beer instead of going home first
      And you said, What'll you have Lord like to make my heart burst,
      Cause you look like an angel in your spangly mini skirt
      Well I just stepped in for a couple of beers
      But all that's left inside my glass are tears
      When you said that our love would last all thru the years
      But it wasn't even worth the price of beer.

    • Lyrics to the song sung by Mel Tillis.

      "Hoof Prints Cross My Heart"

      He rode up into the sunset which will never rise again,
      Yes you left me far behind and I guess I'll never love again
      Now you never did me rightly should have known right from the start
      That one day you'd go and leave me with these hoof prints cross my heart.

  • Quotes

    • Cleyon: Angel Ears this here's (stuttering) the fellers that I been ... telling ya all about. Alvin my agent and Homer my manager. These here are two of the nicest fellers in the whole wide world. Well they even picked me outta the gutter.
      Alvin: Oh he coulda gotten out himself if it wasn't for those three broken ribs.

    • (after the accident with the broken ribs)
      April: How did it happen?
      Cleyon: Well hon this (stuttering) ah ah lady rodeo rider that I was ah ah ...
      Homer: Datin'
      Cleyon: (stuttering) Goin' out with at that time ... rode her ...
      Homer: (finishing Cleyon's sentence) Palomino
      Cleyon: Pinto right across my ...
      April: Chest
      Cleyon: Right ... she's a mean woman.

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