Love, American Style

Season 5 Episode 5

Love and the Lifter

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 1973 on ABC
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Love and the Lifter
A pickpocket at a Shriner convention is acting drunk to bump and grab when his heart is stolen by a young admirer wanting to learn the ropes from him.

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    John Byner

    John Byner

    Wendall McFee

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    Sarah Kennedy

    Sarah Kennedy

    Mimi Holloway

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    Don 'Red' Barry

    Don 'Red' Barry


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      • Mimi: I saw you do that, you're terrific. Do it again.
        Wendall: Huh, come on bug off lady!
        Mimi: Hey man, cool just go right ahead and keep picking pockets.
        Wendall: I don't know what you're talking about.
        Mimi: I've had my eye on you all day.
        Wendall: Ah listen lady if you're the man, this is entrapment and I know my rights.
        Mimi: What happened to your drunk? Too late you blew your cover. You know if you go out there and convince that crowd your sober, your really going to stand out.
        Wendall: Listen lady what do you want from me? Is this a shakedown?
        Mimi: Oh shakedown, I love that kind of criminal talk, words like heist and stoolie and slammer. You're a dip I guess huh.
        Wendall: No I'm just here for the convention.
        Mimi: You know when I spotted you I knew I wasn't looking at just another pickpocket.

      • Mimi: I think you have a super MO.
        Wendall: What's my MO?
        Mimi: Your MO, M.O. That's Dragnet for Modus Operandi which is Latin for the way you rip off people.

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      • Mimi: Your MO, M.O. That's Dragnet for Modus Operandi which is Latin for the way you rip off people.

        Allusion to the television series "Dragnet" which brought the police terms to the forefront.

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