Love, American Style

Season 5 Episode 56

Love and the Patrolperson

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 1974 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Charlie: The usual Harry.
      Harry: Okay apple pie coffee and cream for you and coffee black no sugar for your partner, right.
      Charlie: No Harry. No more coffee black no sugar for Mackenzie, he's (arms waving) he won't be with us anymore.
      Harry: Mac, not Mac. He was still in his prime. I mean that was the best cop that's worn a badge Charlie. Gunned down in the line of duty huh. Oh Charlie what can I say, it's just like what Pat O'Brien said when George Raft killed James Cagney.
      Charlie: Harry.
      Harry: He wasn't just a cop. He was my friend. He wasn't just my friend, he was my hero.
      Charlie: Will you shut up Harry.
      Harry: Oh Charlie will you tell me how did he get it? In the back huh.
      Charlie: In the wallet Harry, he was promoted to plainclothesman.
      Harry: That's nice say hello for me when you see him.