Love, American Style

Season 2 Episode 39

Love and the Tattoo

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 1971 on ABC



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    • Ken: You don't understand Mr. Da Vinci, I already have a tattoo on my chest.
      Da Vinci: So, a man only has one painting on his walls?
      Ken: I want to have it removed.
      Da Vinci: You want to have this removed?
      Ken: Yeah and I only got a few hours can you do it?
      Da Vinci: You're in luck because you have just hit one of the three artists that can remove a tattoo in one afternoon.
      Homer: Those are awfully long needles.
      Da Vinci: A tattoo design goes all the way thru just like inlaid linoleum. May I see your design please.
      Ken: Yeah.
      Da Vinci: That's fine ... hey excuse me by any chance did you have this done in Hong Kong?
      Ken: Yeah.
      Da Vinci: You did. (all excited) I knew it, I knew it! That's an El Greco! Why didn't you tell me this was an El Greco!?! Look I want to show you something, look how he signs his signature over here all curled up, that's the touch of the Master! The depth, the color, the feeling!
      Ken: Well you better get started.
      Da Vinci: Get what started.
      Ken: You gotta take this off.
      Da Vinci: Me I wouldn't touch it.
      Ken: What do you mean you wouldn't touch it.
      Da Vinci: Would Picasso go around tearing Rembrandt. Can you imagine how much this is worth in a few years from now!
      Ken: I don't care I just want it off.
      Da Vinci: Young man you should be hanging in a museum!

    • Ken: (Making excuses to Phyllis so she won't see his tattoo that he got in Hong Kong during wartime) I made a promise that I was saving myself for the right girl.

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  • Allusions

    • Phyllis: (kissing Ken) And think of the music just drawing us closer and closer. (record drops with Adolf Hitler's speech playing) oh that Hitler!
      Ken: Where'd you get the Hitler record? Phyllis: Oh ah it's a World War II album I bought a long time ago.

      A World War II Hitler allusion.