Love, American Style

Season 5 Episode 2

Love and the Teller's Tale

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 1973 on ABC



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    • (accidentally closes the vault door)
      Bunny: I'm sorry it won't open. I guess it's locked huh. But you have the combination.
      Larry: Yes I do.
      Bunny: Then you can let us out.
      Larry: If I were on the outside, but I am on the inside and I will be on the inside until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning when the door opens to the outside. At this precise moment I should be having escargot with my fiancee at the restaurant (pauses and then in a loud voice) on the outside!
      Bunny: Maybe she can keep it warm for you.
      Larry: You don't seem to understand Miss Dixon we're going to be locked in here for fourteen hours.
      Bunny: Oh! Mr. Hill (smirks) that's terrible.

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