Love & Money

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Love & Money

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"Swoosie Kurtz, David Ogden Stiers, Paget Brewster, Brian Doyle Murray, Brian Van Holt, Judy Greer, and John Livingston star in this ensemble comedy about romance in a swanky New York City apartment tower. The building's earnest young handyman, who lives in the basement, loves the shy heiress who lives in the penthouse. Separating this couple, more than just 20 stories of plush co-ops, is a slew of oddball relatives and millions of dollars in social prestige." "Eamon Roach (Van Holt) is the building's cellar-dwelling superintendent, who rooms with his dad, Finn (Murray), the doorman. Allison Conklin (Brewster), his heartthrob, is a kindergarten teacher who resides high above with her father, the belligerent billionaire Nicholas Conklin (Stiers), and her champagne-swilling mom, Effie (Kurtz). Allison's hilarious family includes her empty-headed sister, Puff (Greer), and her sarcastic younger brother, Nicky (Livingston)." (CBS press release) This low-key spin on Upstairs, Downstairs managed to make the air, despite CBS CEO Les Moonves' intense dislike for the pilot, but he went out of his way to make sure no one saw it. Promotion was minimal (and bad), lead-in was inappropriate, time slot was ill-conceived, and premiere was two weeks into the season. As such, it aired three times before it was put on "hiatus" and strung along for months in limbo. Both the network and the studio were insistent on shooting all 13 episodes, so for that, we have a nice, short miniseries. Watch the pilot first, "Howard's End" last, and the other episodes in between in production order, and see one couple's relationship come full circle. "Hip, hip, love, love Hooray for love Who was ever too blase for love Make this a night for love If we have to fight, let's fight for love Some sigh and cry for love Ah, but in New York, they die for love Some say we pay for love But today hooray for love" Theme song (episodes 2-13) "Hooray for Love" written by Harold Arlen (music) and Leo Robin (lyrics) performed by Bobby Short Love & Money is produced by Staley/Long Productions, in association with CBS Productions / Paramount Network Television Broadcast History ----------------- Oct 1999, Fri 8:30-9:00 Jul 2000, Tue 8:30-9:00 First telecast: October 8, 1999 Last telecast: July 18, 2000 Show type: Multi-Camera Sitcom Number of episodes: 13 Media: 35mm filmmoreless

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