Love Bites

Season 1 Episode 7

Boys to Men

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 14, 2011 on NBC

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  • The three segments, as the title implies, is about three different men, or rather men who haven't grown up, learning to develop past their childish ways and truly become the men they refuse (or refused) to become.

    Love Bites have always had the potential to be that touching comedy.The team has delivered their best episode,But the problem is that it is too late.The show has been cancelled for the second season."Ben & Marissa" features Ben (Skylar Astin), the nephew of regular cast member Colleen (Constance Zimmer) who is set to housesit for his aunt and her husband Judd (Greg Grunberg) over the weekend.

    The problem with Ben is he's still attached to his ex-girlfriend Gwendy. In fact, you could say that's he's obsessed. However, things change for him when Colleen's boozy friend Marissa (Rebecca Creskoff) shows up to crash at her place after she leaves her husband once again.

    Christopher Gorham and Izabella Miko in LOVE BITES - "Boys to Men" | ©2011 NBC/Lewis Jacobs
    Soon, Marissa finds herself attracted to this man-boy, and a one-night stand opens up Ben's world to the fact that he's "clingy" and he needs to put things in perspective.

    The segment is very well-written, and sadly, very real. Solid writing eschewing standard cliches for something that is actually quite cute and affecting.

    Segment 2 follows a different one night stand of "Steffi & Tommy". Steffi (Aimee Garcia) and Tommy (Ian Reed Kessler) are complete polar opposites and after a night of great sex, they realize they're very incompatible. However, Steffi gets a call that her dad just had a heart attack and she desperately needs to get to the hospital because she has no car – and Tommy obliges. It's during this whirlwind day where we see the somewhat stuck-up Steffi learn that she's vulnerable, and Tommy, who never says the right thing and is a bit of douche, realize he can actually be a human being.

    This is a very atypical story that takes some sweet detours, without sugarcoating things and both Garcia and Kessler are hilarious to watch. They get a chance to create two very distinct sides of these very well-rounded characters.

    Segment 3, "Dale and Audrey: is another winner as Dale (Chris Gorham), awaiting the birth of his daughter, innocently (or not so innocently) flirts with the hot French secretary Audrey (Izabella Miko) and finds himself gettting sucked further and further into her deranged little world until he realizes what matters most to him.The writing and the direction of this episode is top notch,again too late.LOVE BITES is not a perfect show, but when it's good, it's actually quite good, with this week proving NBC actually has a pretty original series on their hands even though it's been given the mercy killing of airing in the summer after not making the cut during the network's Spring line-up. It's a shame, since it's a perfect for the short-attention span summer TV-goers have – and when it succeeds, it cam be surprisingly good