Love Bites

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 02, 2011 on NBC

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  • I'd Love to Do It, Jennifer Love Hewitt Show creator Cindy Chupack is from Sex-in-the-City. This show has a bit of that sophistication, but seems almost like Love American Style, albeit with a few main characters

    Becki Newton plays Annie Matopoulos, Greg Grunberg is Judd Rouscher, and Constance Zimmer is Judd's wife and Annie's friend, Colleen Rouscher. Instead of episodes, we have vignettes with guest characters, and their stories are blended into the main characters' ongoing saga.

    In the first episode, Judd gets a chance to hit on Jennifer Love Hewitt. Though it seems so far fetched that he would ever actually hook up with her, she is on his list, the kind modern couples sometimes draw up as an agreement that if they ever get a chance to make it with a celebrity who they have fantasized about, they have a free pass, as long as they have previously placed her on the list. I guess the fact that you would never actually have a shot at these people in real life is the reason they exist. The spouse can be magnanimous without fear of the situation actually coming to fruition. This premise was handled really well here. Even Judd doesn't believe he has a shot, but the stars seem to be in alignment. They are on the same plane, though he is in coach, but wait--A crying baby intervenes causing Jennifer Love Hewitt to change seats. She is playing herself, and to make the situation even more kismet, has just gone through a messy break up and is on the rebound. Going by the name of this TV series, Love Bites, I almost hoped the show would be about Jennifer LOVE Hewitt, but alas and alack, she is only the guest star for the first episode. Coming from someone who used to watch Ghost Whisperer just to see her even though it was an obvious rip off of Medium that wasn't nearly as good, you can imagine that I really enjoyed the whole Jennifer Love Hewitt aspect of Love Bites, but I will stick around and watch it even without her, as it seems to be a pleasant summer replacement show that could have beat out quite a few contenders for its slot in the regular season.