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  • Entertaining...often enough

    It seems as if the bar for quality comedy shows is in a perpetual freefall. Nontheless, everything is relative, and in today's broadcast world of slim pickings, Love Bites is above average.

    I agree with the 'inconsistent' comments noted in earlier reviews. I usually find at least one of the three 'mini stories' in each episode pretty dull or at least not as funny as I hoped. But, at the same time, one is normally laugh-out-loud funny so on a whole, its OK.

    I don't have any issue with the changing casts from week to week. It keeps options open and this show does not need a serial storyline to provide laughs.

    So far, the mini-eps involving Greg have been the more consistently funny ones. The 'side-eps' (with rotating casts) are entirely hit-and-miss. Hopefully they can improve there a little bit. It still hits the mark better than 50% of the time.
  • Worth The Watch

    Really liked this one. The Love Amercan Style concept is really working for me. I really enjoy that this is not just another romantic group comedy. It reminds me of How I met Your Mother Hanging out with the Sex and the city crowd. Now if NBC could get on board and actually give it a shot all would be great. I hope that this comedy defies what we are almost certain will happen-thanks alot NBC- but if I only can get it for one season its worth the watch. This show would have been great for a cable channel also.
  • Annoying.

    Seriously, what's the deal with the changing of characters in EVERY FREAKIN EPISODES?

    You have like 3, remotely interesting, main characters, and then the supporting cast changes every week.
    Therefore no character or story ever gets really developped, you don't get much time to get attached to any of them, and there's no plotline continuity besides that the "main" character is still pregnant and ran into the same dude twice.

    Speaking of no continuity, didn't the douchey guy, who's actually the only returning supporting role, had his ridiculous ponytail cut off last week and now it just grew back?

    It's really a shame, because the dialogues and situations aren't too bad, and there was some good acting from actors playing the one-time supporting characters, like Kristen Ritter, Laura Prepon, or Kurtwood Smith.

    There's no way I'd be watching that if quality shows were still broadcasting, but it's summer, so I'll stick with sub par stuff like that.
  • Inconsistent at best

    I went into this prepared to adore it; I didn't mind the changing supporting cast, and I love Greg Grunberg so I'll give anything he's in a try! But this just fell flat for me. I think a few of the stories are okay, but not compelling enough to hold me, and a couple of the main characters have changed so completely from one show to the next that it's hard to really get a grip or start feeling invested in them.

    The other thing that bothered me was that the writers seem to be trying to shock us into thinking it's hip or cool by putting the characters in semi-impossible or unrealistic situations. It's like, sure, those things COULD happen but it's far more likely they wouldn't. Are the main characters going to wake up at the end of the show (which I expect will be soon) and find out they were all dreaming? That would make more sense than a lot of the scenarios, imo.
  • Curious -- missing episode?

    I got on to this show one night in bed flipping channels. We came across it, I recognized Greg Grunberg, and some of the older cast members. Thought it looked like a funny show so we tracked down some more episodes of it (via Greg's biography 'cause we didn't know the name). Strangely, none of the existing episodes are the one we saw on TV???

    It had Greg as a friendly neighbour to a gay couple, who's parents had just come to visit for the weekend. I recognized it in another episode right away, based in CA Greg was walking across a small bridge to his house talking on his cell when he dropped the phone in the water.

    Does anyone know this episode at all?

    I like the show though. It's awkward and funny.
  • I'm Happy People like me Will Finally See It

    I'm Happy People like me Will Finally See It You know, I've learned through experience that you can't ever predict what's going to happen with any show..

    Never thought this show would see the light of day! But glad to have something scripted to watch during the summer.
    How about Friends With Benefits now? haha.,,I hope this show does really really well in the summer that they bring it back in the fall or for season 2 next summmer and Am very very glad that this series finally makes it to air. Looks very promising and am just hoping it's holds what it promises and defies the odds and gets renewed for a proper second season including the amazing Jordan Spiro.