Love Chain

Season 1 Episode 12

Lisa Marie Presley

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on E!

Episode Recap

She's Reigning Rock 'n' Roll Royalty, but Will She Ever Find Her Prince?

We doubt that Lisa Marie Presley would ever date his Royal Purpleness, but it wouldn't be so far out of the question, would it? Considering Presley was once married to the self-titled King of Pop, Michael Jackson. And her love chain--or her married life--didn't end there. To find out where that winding, twisted road leads, be sure to watch Love Chain: Lisa Marie Presley.

At first, it seemed like Presley, the daughter of Elvis, seemed interested in keeping the bloodline pure. She married rocker Danny Keough in 1988, and it remains her longest reported relationship to date. The union also spawned two children, a son and a daughter, Benjamin and Danielle.

Keough and Presley were divorced in 1994, just before her jaw-dropping marriage to Michael Jackson. Skeptics and critics of Presley's membership in the Church of Scientology speculated that Church elders were interested in Jackson's connection to children (not to mention his millions) in the hopes that he could draw young people to Scientology. That kooky marriage, which included an awkward kiss at the MTV Music Awards, ended in 1996.

And nothing can really explain Presley's fascination with Nicolas Cage. We're pretty sure we know what his deal is: He's a huge Elvis fan, and her hand would be the ultimate prize, right? Their topsy-turvy relationship, well-documented in the tabloids, included shouting matches in public, any number of breakups and reunions and an infamous day on a rented yacht in the Pacific, when Lisa Marie impetuously threw her $65,000 engagement ring into the ocean. Cage dispatched divers, but the ring was never recovered. And, inexplicably, he still married her last year in Hawaii only to break up less than one month later. At the time, she released a statement saying, "It was a big mistake." Um, duh.

The latest on Nic and Lisa Marie? Rumors are circulating that they will remarry on the grounds of Graceland in the spring. Well, naturally.