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Love Connection

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Video dating clubs - where a bachelor or bachelorette completed a personality profile and then screened potential dates based on their answers - had grown in popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s. "Love Connection" was the first relationship / dating show to successfully bring video dating to TV. Chuck Woolery – two years removed from hosting what would become America's all-time favorite game show, "Wheel of Fortune" – presided over the fun. A bachelor(ette) was introduced. Although many of them were young adults looking for Mr. or Ms. Right for the first time, others were divorced or widowed, and several were in the twilight years of their lives. Woolery conducted a brief interview before the audience was shown video excerpts, which the contestant had previously seen in their entirety, of three potential dates of the opposite sex. The audience is then asked to vote on which they believe is the right date for the bachelor(ette) based on what they had seen. Most of the time, the contestant, who had already gone on the date, introduces his / her choice. The date, whom the contestant is seeing for the first time since their night out, is introduced then appears on-screen via backstage hookup. Here is where the fun really began. Woolery asks questions about what happened on their date. Sometimes, the two really hit it off ,and the two could not wait to see each other again. Woolery would invite the date onstage to reunite with the bachelor(ette). Other times, they simply had no chemistry or the date came straight from Hell thanks to personality clashes or one or both of the daters acting like jerks; in other words, the two were not right for each other. Regardless of how well the date went, Woolery then revealed the audience's choice as determined by a majority vote. If the contestant and the audience's choices agreed, the show paid all expenses for the date even if the date was a bona fide disaster. More often than not, the choices disagreed, but that didn't matter to couples who were a perfect match. Otherwise, the bachelor(ette) could decide to date the audience's choice at the show's expense, select the third potential date though a seldom-used option, or remain searching on their own. Three or four such segments aired per show. On occasion, the bachelor(ette) would have the audience decide whom they would go out with, and the contestant would report back on a future episode. Woolery presided over thousands of date recaps during Love Connection's original 11-year run in syndication. The show reprised itself for a one-season run in 1998 with Pat Bullard hosting.

Chuck Woolery

Chuck Woolery

Host 1983-1994

Gene Wood

Gene Wood

Announcer 1986-1988

Johnny Gilbert

Johnny Gilbert

Announcer 1988-1989

Pat Bullard

Pat Bullard

Host 1998-1999

Rod Roddy

Rod Roddy

Announcer 1983-1985

John Cervenka

John Cervenka

Announcer 1989-1994 & 1998-1999

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  • I'm going to host it when it comes back...

    I'm actually the guy who went ona dare from my sister in law in 1988, and got the highest score ever on the show. I didn't know they were going to show me doing Bullwinkle in my interview as my clip for people to judge me!

    The girl was 3 hours late getting to my house, (I'd be at a bar in under an hour now a days!) and she had a headache when she walked in too! Anyhow, I didn't want to go on t.v. and rip her apart, so I went along with the producers and acted like everything was great. It was a blast doing it, should have put "hi Mom" on the bottom of my shoe, I chickened out at the last minute...moreless
  • A new twist to "blind dates".

    It would be easy to dismiss this show as fluff. But when you consider the trash that is on today, at least this show had some class to it. It was funny when the dates didn\'t work out and the daters started trashing each other. It was also nice to see a date actually work out and the couple had a good time. Two things really helped this show- first, letting the audience pick who they thought was best. The second was having Chuck Woolery as host. Chuck was perfect for the show- smooth and he had some hilarious expressions when things were going bad and insults were flying back and forth between the daters. On the other hand, if a date went well, he seemed genuinely happy for them and interested in what went on during their date. One couple admitting to capping off their date with the \"Wild Thing\" and Chuck\'s reaction was perfect- didn\'t say anything, just gave this \"Are we going to get into trouble with our sponsors\"? look for the camera. All in all, not a bad show- I give it a 7!moreless
  • Ahead of it's time

    Not just ahead of it's time

    But also off the wall for a show like this

    Chuck Worley would become a household name with this show

    As well as his two & two fingers

    Daters decide who they want to go out with

    They could go out with that person or turn them down in front of a national tv audience

    But also the audience gets to choose as well

    Very off the wall show that is also a guilty pleasure at best!moreless
  • The modern "Dating Game"

    This show has brought comedy to a new level. A show which tries to match up couples for a love connection. The audience participates in the voting and that makes it even more interesting. Sometime the connections are great and go well and other times they are the disaster that you would expect. Many times we see couples bash each other when they tell about their dates other times we hear nice things that connect couples. Rarely do we hear of a nice date that just wasn't a love connection. Chuck is sometimes speachless when he hears the details of the dates. A great show.moreless
  • My summary is about one of the most memoriable couple I have every watched on Love Connection.

    I was watching a rerun of Love Connection that I tape everyday because of it being one of my favorite shows of all time. You had one episode that I will never forget, it was a lady whose name was Jeanne Erger who had a date with a spanish man. The date was awesome. I will never forget this lady. She was the funniest, cutiest lady ever to be on this show. I wish I new if she and this gentleman ever tied the knot? There will never be a couple like this again on this show!Never.moreless