Love Connection

TBS (ended 1994)


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  • Season 1
    • 1805
      Episode 5
      A Dictaphone saleswoman who describes herself as a "booty bumper" and "rambunctious" but adds "do not tickle her" is a guest on the show. A member of the National Guard who prefers women in suites says he's "blunt and may talk too much" is a guest.
    • 1779
      Episode 4
      A sign language interpreter for the deaf who describes herself as "wild and flirtatious" goes on one of the show's more adventurous dates is a guest. A computer consultant who says he'd "be a 10 if he didn't snore" and "doesn't like to spend too much money on a first date" is a guest.moreless
    • 1756
      Episode 3
      At 4' 11" the first guest hopes someday she can change her brown eyes to green and move from a small California beach town to a bigger beach town. Administrative Secretary and former tank mechanic in the US Army, the first guest thinks her marriage record will someday rival Elizabeth Taylor's because her standards are so high, "they don't make men for me." The last guest doesn't think his looks are too great and tries to stay away from muscular women.moreless
    • 1727
      Episode 2
      A 42 year old train company division manager, who got so lost while driving a year ago it brought him to tears, so is looking for a woman with a good sense of direction is the first guest. A divorced, mobile disc jockey from England who can't seem to impress American women with his continental manners is looking for a woman he can impress. An advertising production designer who's friends say she looks like soap opera actress Susan Lucci, admits her life often follows a soap opera story line and is the third guest on this episode.moreless
    • 1666
      Episode 1
      A fax machine salesman who says there are three things woman don't like about him, his height, he comes on too strong romantically and he dates three or four woman at a time is a guest. A divorced legal assistant with three jobs and two kids wants a take charge guy who will stay out of the kitchen when it's time to wash and put away the dishes. Guest number three will never date a woman who's into sports; he's stuck in the 1950's and 1960's and is bored with mini skirts.moreless