Love Court

Friday 11:55 PM on Much Music Premiered Aug 28, 2009 Between Seasons



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Love Court

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This show is hosted by Elise Estrada and brings a new twist to the dating show. Each week contestants are chosen to go on a blind date and complete a challenge together. They are then judged at the end of the episode and only one walks away with the money.

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AIRED ON 3/15/2010

Season 1 : Episode 20

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  • Worst. Show. Ever.

    I posted a comment in the forum here but that just is not enough to show how much I hate this show. This show sucks! Love Court is maybe the worst show ever. It is maybe even worse than Stars Gone Wild and We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties. What the hell is wrong with Much Music? They keep making terrible shows. Hey how about you get rid of the same awful no talent comics and maybe replace them with actual music videos and stuff since you are SUPPOSED to be a music TV station!!! I am glad this show is off the air but why are you making such bad shows in the first place? Please go back to the drawing board and make better shows! Video On Trial is not even good any more.moreless
  • So Bad how did this get on tv?

    I can't believe this show is even on tv it is so bad! The judges they use are not very good but the people on it as the guests/contestants are always so boring and not funny. None of the show even makes any sense at all. They just do stupid stuff, try to be funny like really desperately try but always fail, then they go talk to the judges who make stupid jokes then the show just ends. At least put a good judge on it like Debra. I hate this show it is so stupid it is one of the worst shows I ever have seen on much music.moreless
  • Quite possibly the worst show on TV.

    Love Court is quite possibly the worst show on TV. Much Music had a big hit with Video On Trial but then they kept making these wannabe spinoff shows that just suck like Stars Gone Wild and Technical Difficulties and now Love Court. First off the people on dates are fake, boring, not funny, not interesting, just stupid. But the main problem is the judges from Video On Trial they use are the WORST ONES!! I can't stand Dini or that guy for more than three seconds before I have to turn the channel. They aren't funny. Stick to Video On Trial and even that show is going downhill.moreless
  • Love Court needed to go
    Hate to say it as a video on trial fan but this show was soooo bad like almost as bad as stars gone wild, it just had to go I can'...
  • Love Court blows
    The worst and least funny show ever on much music.
  • Terrible!
    Love Court was maybe the worst show ever on Much Music, not funny or entertaining at all. Boo love court!
  • Worst. Show. Ever.
    This show sucks! It is maybe even worse than Stars Gone Wild and We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties. What the hell is wron...