Love Hina Again

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2002 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The last of the OVAs.

It starts out with Keitaro and Naru having their own respective dreams which both feature Moe, the doll from the TV series.

In Keitaro's dream, he remembers the promise he made with Kanako when they were young. In Naru's dream she is a little girl and Moe shows her the ring, but then it disappears.

The next day Naru has to deal with not being able to express her feelings to Keitaro because he is constantly occupied by Kanako who has even given him a new outfit. Later on, all of the girls are in the hot spring asking Naru if she really loves Keitaro.

Then out of the steam appears Kanako "playing" with Keitaro (suffocating, rather). Naru runs away and once again misses an opportunity to confess her love.

Later she meets Kentaro on the streets and they watch a sunset together. She spills her guts to him only to realize it was actually Kanako in disguise. When Keitaro finds them, Naru runs away again. Only when Keitarou catches Naru it isn't really Naru, it's Kanako in disguise again. But Keitarou knew this from the very beginning. Keitaro apologizes to Kanako for not remembering their promise.

This is where Kanako gains closure. But at this moment, the annex drags both Keitaro and Kanako to the forbidden building. Naru goes back to the forbidden building to make her journey to love. She has to face all of her friends (residents of Hinata Inn) who she was afraid to hurt by being with Keitaro and make amends with them. At the end, she faces Shinobu, they play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who wins Keitaro, but Shinobu lets her win, realizing that Keitaro and Naru belong together. After this, Kanako opens up the door, and lets Naru in. When Naru tries to get close the annex doesn't allow her, and everything tries to collapse. Naru realizes that she needs the ring back to fix all of this. Once she gets on top to the clock, the rings falls, Keitaro tries to catch it but falls, Naru doesn't allow this and jumps to safe him causing them to both fall. When they fall on to a soft clock, Naru yells out that she loves Keitaro. Keitaro says thank you in return and gives her the ring. Due to this, Naru kisses Keitaro and fall back. The Hinata Inn resident see them kiss, causing Keitaro and Naru to become embarrassed. They all seem mad, which shows that they all had a crush on Keitaro, Naru and Keitaro start running. Afterwards, Seta makes an appearance via airplane and snatches Keitaro. Naru uses Tama-chan to chase the plane. Once inside the plane, Naru and Keitaro have to decide where they want to go. Keitaro and Naru both say "The two lovers go to Toudai!"

The episode ends with Keitaro and Naru laughing.