Love Hina Again

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2002 on TV Tokyo



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    • Tidbits

      --> In the manga it's Keitaro who has to...
      1. show a little backbone when hormone driven Motoko, Su, Shinobou and Kanako join a suddenly "villionous" Kitsune and kidnap Naru.
      2. save Naru from the bounty hunter Motoko, the heart-broken Shinobou, and the "used" Kanako and encounter the suddenly villianous duo of Su and Kitsune.

      --> Naru, Shinobu, Kanako, and Motoko are the only ones with towels on them when Keitaro is forcibly dragged into the hotsprings with Kanako while Su is butt naked and Mutsumi and Kitsune towels are floating in the water and Sara is wearing a bathing suit.