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  • The Hinata girls and Keitaro are back for more fun!

    Keitaro is always the poor guy who gets kicked all around but he seems to have supernatural powers of speed and healing. He never seems to feel pain and when Naru sends him flying off into the sky he returns the next moment. His kind deeds are always mistaken because of the misunderstand of the things he buys for them. The girls seem to like him a lot because of his kindness. Well there's always something good and something bad about Keitaro but he really is a hilarous and marvellous lad. Naru should treasure a guy like him. His sister however wants to snatch him away from Naru like all the other Hinata girls.
  • The ending three part movie to the anime series Love Hina

    Love hina again is a DVD with 3 episodes on it. The main story was based on a manga; (sort of like a Japanese comic book.) however the manga was 4 books long to tell the story put into 3 episodes so it's understandable that some things wouldn't make the cut. But instead of just cutting the material, the people changed the stuff that was put into the story. example: in one of the final scenes where the main female character, Naru Narusegawa, jumps off of the annex's clock tower to save the main male character, Keitaro Urashima, that part was originally suppose to take place on the most northern tip of Japan, following a chase in which some of the characters fight one another to help Keitaro on a personal mission. So all and all it was a good ender but it could have been done a lot nicer.
  • Picking up from Love hina spring special Kanako ,Keitaros sister comes to the hinata inn to take him away from Naru.

    Well there really wasnt a reason for the making of these episodes but im sure glad they did.
    After i had watched the final episode of love hina i really wanted to se more.
    Well not picking up from love hina again but rather just some extra shows in love hina original.
    And maybe know what would happen to the other girls when Naru and Keitaro go away.
    I mean they really didnt focus on what would happen to them.
    But again there was no need to ,would have been fun though.
    Immediatly after finishing love hina i turned to Chobits wich turned out to be just as good if not better.
    Well i dont want to end up writing a chobits review i just advise that everyone should check that out.

  • "Love Hina Again" picks up where the series left off... well, maybe... This time the trouble's with Keitaro's sister, who has come to Hinata Apartments to pry Keitaro from Narusegawa Naru's hands.

    "Love Hina Again" was somewhat enjoyable since I felt that it had too many flaws.

    For one thing, there was a serious lack of comedy in episodes 2-3 (episode 1 met "Love Hina" standards). I just felt that it wasn't funny enough to live up to my expectations.

    Another is the plot. It was a tad bit confusing and unusual, and I felt that it lacked focus and rationality. The emergence of a new character (Keitaro's sister) made things feel underdeveloped and rushed. I think that they should've stuck with the old characters, and revolved this OVA around them.

    That brings up another flaw in "Love Hina Again"... the other Urashima. I didn't really like her character. She was too similar to other girls that Keitaro met in his lifetime, and I wouldn't have given a damn about her little promise either. I just didn't care for her.

    In short, the series had enough characters to build up a strong following. Why did they introduce a new one to make things chaotic?

    Nevertheless, I do like "Love Hina Again" because it resolved everything that the series could not, though maybe not in the way that truly satisfied me. Unlike the final episode of "Love Hina", this one had a definite sense of closure.

    If you're a real fan of the series, this is worth watching. Otherwise, just skip it... nothing to see here really, though it could prove a minor distraction if you're bored... =P
  • Its Love Hina Again! Keitaro, after a accident( I can't believe he can ACTUALLY got hurt...)decides to go excavating with Seta. During his absence his adopted sister Kanako starts to wreck havoc...well its Love it all becomes a riot...until Kei

    I loved lOve Hina so I was anxious to watch Love Hina Again. The thing that made Love Hina so great was that eventhough it was "ecchi" (perverted) it was still hilarious and there wasn't too much fanservice or anything. The main problem with LOve Hina Again was how many times one of the girls were just naked for no reason. It started to get tedious and Kanako wasn't a very likeable character. The only redeeming part was that Moe' came back and that Keitaro and Naru *finally* got together. The plot is pretty much centered around Kanako, a mysterious annex and 'the promised girls' of Keitaro. Diehard fans(like me) might be dissapointed by all the fanservice and utter pointlessness of this OVA but it does wrap things up I guess.
  • definitely one of my favs its really hilarious seeing keitarou get his ass kicked all the time its so funny it also has some romance and some drama it a really good anime i love it.

    one of the best animes i saw back in 2000 you gotta love this its so hilarious but its not for little children has lots of mature content but its still really good cause it has more romance and drama and some action! its story of urashima keitarou whos working at all girls dorm trying to get into todai to find the girl he made promise to 15 yrs. ago and trust me he makes alotta trouble for all the girls its so good
  • You're not a Love Hina fan if you haven't seen Love Hina Again.

    Love Hina Again is the 3 episode extension series to the original Love Hina show, which casted Keitaro in an all girls dormitory. It continues where the Spring special left off; Keitaro finally fullfilled his wish of entering Tokyo U, a place he promised to enter with his childhood sweetheart. However, injuries prevent him from studying, and further decided to travel around the world. Though when he leaves, his non biological sister enters the dormitory as a temporary replacement for Keitaro as the resident manager, and turns everything upside down for everyone. It seems as if Kanako, the non blood related sister to Keitaro, likes her brother, and is shocked to find her brother showing a lot of interest towards Naru. With her top notch skills of perfectly mimicing those she wants, Kanako does all in her will to destroy the relationship that is developing between Keitaro and Naru.

    All three episodes of Love Hina Again are very entertaining, keeping both its comedic and romantic elements consistent throughout. Love Hina focused on Keitaro's feelings towards Naru, but in Love Hina Again, its the other way around, where its now Naru going through great lengths to get to Keitaro. Though there's one obstacle that didn't appear for Keitaro that's now in Naru's path; another lover in Kanako. Sometimes I wonder why the original Love Hina wasn't as good as its OVA series. Everything about Love Hina is excelled by Love Hina Again, and fans of the original should definitely get this.
  • A hilarious show! Not suitable for younger children, but one of the funniest anime I've seen in a while. Includes comedy, romance, and a bit of action in it.

    Once you've seen the "Love Hina" series, "Love Hina Again" is a follow-up to what the gang at Hinata Inn are up to.

    Keitaro has finally passed the entrance exams, and is officially a Toudai student. But after breaking his leg in an accident in the entrance ceremony, he thought and re-evaluated himself. Having new goals, Keitaro follows Seta on an overseas archeology trip. During his absence, however, all was not well in Hinata Lodge. Urashima Kanako, Keitaro's sister, arrives on the scene. She claims to be the new manager of Hinata Lodge starts to go against all the tenants. Things become even more complicated when they recieve a letter from Keitaro. The tenants and Kanako made a big mess trying to get the letter, but Seta's car crashes in before anyone could read the letter...

    Keitaro needs some time to evaluate himself and his goals, so he goes onto a trip with Seta to attempt the life of an archaeologist. However, not all is safe at the Hinata Inn while he is gone. A woman claiming to be Keitaros sister comes and claims right to being the manager of the inn. Life gets complicated when Keitaro returns, and attempts to deal with his sister of yesteryear.
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