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Love Hina

(ended 2000)



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Love Hina

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Keitaro Urashima is determined to be accepted into Tokyo University, the hardest Japanese University of all to get into, because of a promise he made to a girl when he was young... a girl whose name he can't even remember. After failing to get into Tokyo U twice, he is kicked out by his parents and goes to live with his Grandmother at her hotel, but it seems it has been turned into an all girls boarding house. What's more, much to his surprise and to the tenants disgust, Keitaro is made manager of the boarding house.
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  • Good fun.

    Ah, Love Hina. Whilst there are quite a lot of people who will make fun of the show when you watch it there is practically no denying how funny it is. It's just crazy and is better than most anime that will come under the harem genre. There's nothing more that I can say apart form what I've already said. It's just an absolute riot and is very funny. I would say that it is definately worth a watch. Though as a final note I'd have say that I absolutely hate the dub. Could they have possibly made it any worse?moreless
  • Keitaro is a high school student determined to get into Tokyo U. for a promise that he made a long time ago to some girl. He is also appointed new manager of the Hinata Apartments, (an all girls apartment) were he meets a familiar girl named Naru.moreless

    Cute, funny, and a tad pervy, "Love Hina" is a classic anime that is easy to enjoy and has a ton of lovable characters. I would recommend this show to any girl from the ages of 8 - 16. All the characters are diverse in some ways, and every episode has its own little story to it. Despite its cunning and witty charm, "Love Hina" certainly does have some flaws that I would like to nit-pick on.

    First off, I find that the chiks in the Hinata Apartments (most of them with the exception of two) tend to get on Keitaro for just about any mistake he makes. It seems to me that he can't go a day without being kicked in the face for some misunderstanding or being slapped for some pointless reason. Second, it could just be me, but theres something about Kaola that makes me think she's a bit annoying. Just the constant "WOO YA Lets GO somewhere OOOOO LOOK what I made OOOO I didn't knowlalalalalala!!!" irks me. I feel that she also comes off as being rude.

    Don't get me wrong, she's cute and all but, eh... However the rest of the characters are fine, it's just that one.

    All in all, it's a funny show with a lot of, er... "sassyness" to it... 7.5/10 for "Love Hina".moreless
  • Keitaro Urashima is a prep school student with aspirations of passing his college exams, in order to be accepted into Tokyo-U. His life will be changed forever when his grandmother gives him the responsibility of taking care of her "hotel."moreless

    Even though Love Hina lacks in realism, it is absurdly funny. The background music is also the great - some of the best I've heard in anime. The character development rolls forward nicely with the humorous plot. The animation is superb for its time, and the textures/backgrounds in the settings are also nicely done. Although many fans would say the manga is superior to the anime, the anime is great in its own right. With 26 episodes, 3 OVA videos, and 2 movies, this series should keep its fans entertained. Love Hina is a great, light hearted anime that I enjoyed watching.moreless
  • love hina was a wonderful show about a boy fufilling his promise

    the main character in the story who wats to go to a predstigious university because of a promise he made with a girl when he was five that makes alot of people asy cute but seriously get over it the ongoing quest in the beggining to find his promised one is very repetative with his thought overs and how when he first arrives at the hotel for wemon he always gets knocked into the sky... mildly funny but you can call it by the end of the season the plot after that was better and had a smoother flow rather then choppy scenes from his past and missing ideas when he actually falls in love with one person regardless of the promise and stays with that it turns into a merry go round of um... hmmm... and blushing as both dont know how to confess their love for each other until the end where they use a magical house binding him and his stepsister in togetherness forever and how only the love interst could break it, typical predictable ant suprising on who her opponents weremoreless
  • Keitaro is bumbling, clumsy, naive, and unlucky when it comes to girls and school. After failing college entrance exames, he is left in charge of a girl's dorm. Keitaro learns about love and life from the girls as he strives to be a good student and man.moreless

    I am not sure how high or low to rate this show. I read most of the manga before realizing that this story was available in anime. I know that my perception of the anime is conditioned by how much I enjoyed the manga. I think that ultimately, the anime does not live up to the manga, so I was left somewhat disappointed. On its own merits, the Love Hina anime was a decent enough show. There where a number of points that I found enjoyable and endearing. First and foremost, Keitaro is a likeable young chap. His innocence and naivety are charming in the way one routs for the underdog. Keitaro has nothing going for him other than a heart of gold. Will that be enough? Also, the Keitaro character develops in relation to how the other female characters develop; this gives the whole storyline a somewhat dynamic feel and it reveals the truism that we reflect the relationships we have with the people we love and care about. Also, I can respect the honesty inherent in all the main characters. The female characters provide the plot contrast to Keitaro, each of the girls representing a different aspect of inter-gender relationships; to one female character he is a romance interest, to another he is a mentor, to another he is in conflict, to another he is a friend, another mentors him, and etc. All of the characters are genuinely enjoyable. My critique is that the story is entirely one-dimensional. Similarly, most of the characters are one-dimensional. Each episode seems to be a repeat of the previous episode, so that even after the series is done, it doesn't seem that the character really went anywhere - each of them grows, matures, and learns something, but in the end, the plot doesn't really solve itself. Sub plots are minor, overly repetitive, or non-existent. The whole story is overly comic and slapstick. Violence is over-played, leaving me uncomfortable; when ever one of the girls is the slightest bit upset, she immediately turns violent and physically assaults Keitaro. All in all, this is a good anime that doesn't live up the manga.moreless

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