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  • Good fun.

    Ah, Love Hina. Whilst there are quite a lot of people who will make fun of the show when you watch it there is practically no denying how funny it is. It's just crazy and is better than most anime that will come under the harem genre. There's nothing more that I can say apart form what I've already said. It's just an absolute riot and is very funny. I would say that it is definately worth a watch. Though as a final note I'd have say that I absolutely hate the dub. Could they have possibly made it any worse?
  • Keitaro is a high school student determined to get into Tokyo U. for a promise that he made a long time ago to some girl. He is also appointed new manager of the Hinata Apartments, (an all girls apartment) were he meets a familiar girl named Naru.

    Cute, funny, and a tad pervy, "Love Hina" is a classic anime that is easy to enjoy and has a ton of lovable characters. I would recommend this show to any girl from the ages of 8 - 16. All the characters are diverse in some ways, and every episode has its own little story to it. Despite its cunning and witty charm, "Love Hina" certainly does have some flaws that I would like to nit-pick on.
    First off, I find that the chiks in the Hinata Apartments (most of them with the exception of two) tend to get on Keitaro for just about any mistake he makes. It seems to me that he can't go a day without being kicked in the face for some misunderstanding or being slapped for some pointless reason. Second, it could just be me, but theres something about Kaola that makes me think she's a bit annoying. Just the constant "WOO YA Lets GO somewhere OOOOO LOOK what I made OOOO I didn't knowlalalalalala!!!" irks me. I feel that she also comes off as being rude.
    Don't get me wrong, she's cute and all but, eh... However the rest of the characters are fine, it's just that one.
    All in all, it's a funny show with a lot of, er... "sassyness" to it... 7.5/10 for "Love Hina".
  • Keitaro Urashima is a prep school student with aspirations of passing his college exams, in order to be accepted into Tokyo-U. His life will be changed forever when his grandmother gives him the responsibility of taking care of her "hotel."

    Even though Love Hina lacks in realism, it is absurdly funny. The background music is also the great - some of the best I've heard in anime. The character development rolls forward nicely with the humorous plot. The animation is superb for its time, and the textures/backgrounds in the settings are also nicely done. Although many fans would say the manga is superior to the anime, the anime is great in its own right. With 26 episodes, 3 OVA videos, and 2 movies, this series should keep its fans entertained. Love Hina is a great, light hearted anime that I enjoyed watching.
  • love hina was a wonderful show about a boy fufilling his promise

    the main character in the story who wats to go to a predstigious university because of a promise he made with a girl when he was five that makes alot of people asy cute but seriously get over it the ongoing quest in the beggining to find his promised one is very repetative with his thought overs and how when he first arrives at the hotel for wemon he always gets knocked into the sky... mildly funny but you can call it by the end of the season the plot after that was better and had a smoother flow rather then choppy scenes from his past and missing ideas when he actually falls in love with one person regardless of the promise and stays with that it turns into a merry go round of um... hmmm... and blushing as both dont know how to confess their love for each other until the end where they use a magical house binding him and his stepsister in togetherness forever and how only the love interst could break it, typical predictable ant suprising on who her opponents were
  • Keitaro is bumbling, clumsy, naive, and unlucky when it comes to girls and school. After failing college entrance exames, he is left in charge of a girl's dorm. Keitaro learns about love and life from the girls as he strives to be a good student and man.

    I am not sure how high or low to rate this show. I read most of the manga before realizing that this story was available in anime. I know that my perception of the anime is conditioned by how much I enjoyed the manga. I think that ultimately, the anime does not live up to the manga, so I was left somewhat disappointed. On its own merits, the Love Hina anime was a decent enough show. There where a number of points that I found enjoyable and endearing. First and foremost, Keitaro is a likeable young chap. His innocence and naivety are charming in the way one routs for the underdog. Keitaro has nothing going for him other than a heart of gold. Will that be enough? Also, the Keitaro character develops in relation to how the other female characters develop; this gives the whole storyline a somewhat dynamic feel and it reveals the truism that we reflect the relationships we have with the people we love and care about. Also, I can respect the honesty inherent in all the main characters. The female characters provide the plot contrast to Keitaro, each of the girls representing a different aspect of inter-gender relationships; to one female character he is a romance interest, to another he is a mentor, to another he is in conflict, to another he is a friend, another mentors him, and etc. All of the characters are genuinely enjoyable. My critique is that the story is entirely one-dimensional. Similarly, most of the characters are one-dimensional. Each episode seems to be a repeat of the previous episode, so that even after the series is done, it doesn't seem that the character really went anywhere - each of them grows, matures, and learns something, but in the end, the plot doesn't really solve itself. Sub plots are minor, overly repetitive, or non-existent. The whole story is overly comic and slapstick. Violence is over-played, leaving me uncomfortable; when ever one of the girls is the slightest bit upset, she immediately turns violent and physically assaults Keitaro. All in all, this is a good anime that doesn't live up the manga.
  • Interesting although somewhat bland. 7 paragraphs, 992 words.

    Love Hina is a classical romance where a boy gets 5 suitors. I enjoyed the entire series and didn't actually have a problem with it while reading it. However, when I compared Love Hina to other deeper romances, I noticed the lack of meaning in Love Hina. There are two central conflicts: Keitaro vs. Tokyo U and Keitaro vs. Naru.

    The essence of so many female characters creates a problem for our solo male (the other males characters were minor), which is stuck as a busy landlord, not actually making much of a profit, but doing a lot of work. The problem starts in the beginning: Keitaro is kicked out of a girls' bath. Even after he is declared landlord, it takes a long while for the girls to actually respect him. Even then, he is still demoted to using the smaller bath and is physically abused by Naru and Motoko. I am unable to understand Keitaro's ability to withstand such maltreatment; realistically, any other person would have spoken up about his rights and the way Naru, especially, is abusing him. Keitaro is even declared "invincible" at one point because of his ability to resist damage. However, it is evident that he is human after all: Keitaro was sent to the hospital upon being squashed by a giant onion. I see him as a typical teenager, although perhaps a little less intelligent than average, not special in any way.

    Keitaro's return from America revealed his ability to change. Keitaro has learned to fight Motoko back, yet is still unable to resist Naru's charm and fist. The new outfit represents purpose; he was working for a cause, the advancement of science, for the first time. However, Keitaro still keeps some of his old ways: his clumsiness and his lack of common sense. The fact that Keitaro and Naru can be separated for six months without even feeling anything suggests the superficiality of their love. Although they do, in fact, love each other, I predict their bond is an easy one to break. Distance has already stretched it far enough for them to forget about each other at their own respective locations.

    Tokyo U represents a goal for Keitaro, Naru, and Mutsumi. Initially, none of them make it; this simply lengthens the conflict and creates more suspense. Keitaro keeps in mind his promise to a childhood friend to go to Tokyo U together. The disappointing result is that he abandons it for Naru, which isn't bad, but removes the point of including the promise in the first place. After a while some audience members lose interest in the goal to enter Tokyo U and focus more on romantic relationship, which this series doesn't exactly do a good job portraying. Each time there is a problem, a character would just run away. In reality, although many would run, few would actually leave a country. At points, love dominated Keitaro and Naru, but they dealt with their problems the wrong way.

    Naru is not a typical female. Although we do see that girls are sometimes sensitive, they usually do not attack anyone for perving and then forget about it for the rest of the day. Naru understands that Keitaro is not a bad person, even if she believes that he is a pervert. Therefore, she really should not hit him. It is unrealistic that Keitaro would accidentally see Naru's panties so many times and unrealistic that Naru would never notice that they are accidents (if she did notice, why would she call him a pervert?). I am not a fan of sexual abuse. Although Naru and Keitaro's actions are meant to be funny, they are reveal that the two are entirely immature, which is usually ok to begin with, but I like shows more when a character learns from his/her mistakes and matures by the end. In Love Hina, Keitaro and Naru haven't changed much even after they marry. He manages to pull of her wedding dress, she is still angry, and he is still afraid of her.

    The support characters in the novel provide minor roles and can be deleted without changing the plot too much. The majority lack maturity. Su obsesses herself with having fun. Kitsune is a slacker with not much care for the world. Shinobu begins as a frightened little girl, but develops eventually. Motoko is too unforgiving to Keitaro, attempting many times to kill him, and yet begs for her sister's mercy. Tsuroko is actually a mature character, yet has little influence on the plot. Keitaro's aunt is also a mature character, but does nothing. Seta adds to Keitaro's stupidity. Critics describe Kanako to be "one of the most annoying characters ever created even though she would have been better for Keitaro than Naru", which, I believe, is approximately accurate. Although Naru outmatches Kanako's physical appearance, Kanako beats Naru in her ability to deal with trouble. She's not the best; Naru is just worse. However, Kanako does present trouble for the girls at Hinata House and definitely dealt more damage than she healed.

    I believe this anime series to be a bit bland. There are others who enjoyed it; I enjoyed it but not as much as I enjoyed other shows. The major characters did not feel realistic enough to be alive. Although Chobits, which I believe to be a masterpiece, does have some science fiction, I can connect to the ideas presented. I have forgotten Love Hina's characters. I wonder how many people can remember Keitaro or Naru and connect to them, wondering what would they do in that person's situation? Love Hina gives us how some teens would deal with romance yet doesn't portray what adults would do. It glorifies the immaturity with which Keitaro and Naru deal with their problems. Run away. Beat up your spouse. They could have shown us a different way. I will respect the mass that love Love Hina, but will recommend different anime.
  • Really funny and good.

    Love Hina is really great! From the first moment, I was gripped by this story's violence, drama and slight funniness, s well as the romance, that kinda develops as the story goes on.

    Well, the story is about a young man, Urashima Keitaro, who tries to get into Tokyo University, but is having big trouble with it. He is then tasked with being the manager of a all-girl's dormitory. This, of course, makes the girls upset at first, but they slowly accepts him. Of course, this does not prevent funny and embarrassing (for the characters) situations from happening, and it usually ends with Keitaro being punched wide and far. And, there's a little romance to it as well.

    I really like this show and how it goes on, and how the story is and all the other stuff. Really, really good. 9.7/10
  • Ouch! All the pain is it worth it? In a word YES!

    Where to start, wow, what, where, and of course huh? This is a completely random show through only the first 3 discs it has ranged from everyday events such as taking an entry exam all the way to the bizarre with a giant turtle tearing up the country side. The characters are all lovable and believable. There is a small love story that holds throughout the series, she constantly beats him up but each time they are alone together she warms to him and shows him her heart. Also each of the other girls at this dorm has some odd attraction to the main character. These attractions range from sibling love, a crush, respectful dislike, and finally true love(even if they don’t want to acknowledge it). I am looking forward to continuing the series through the OVA to get at least a small idea how their lives turn out and of course if the love is strong enough to hold these people together. Pick this up it is an uplifting tale even if it is a bit farfetched from time to time. I enjoy it completely and I hope everyone else will. So pick it up! Enjoy.
  • The story is a comedy of the shonen genre about a clumsy young man with an unparalleled amount of personal drive despite having horrible luck..............

    The story takes place in the Kanagawa Prefecture, and centers on 20-year old Keitaro Urashima, a young man desperately trying to be accepted into the prestigious Tokyo University in order to fulfill a childhood promise he made with a girl he now regards as the girl of his life. His obsessive pursuit of this dream is one of the few shining spots of optimism in his otherwise unlucky life. He becomes manager of the Hinata House (ÈÕÏòÇP, Hinata S¨­?, also known as Hinata Apartments), property of his family and now an all-girls' dormitory.

    After much tribulation, he wins their respect and eventual affection. From the beginning of the series, he suffers physical damage and abuse, which continues and increases as the series goes on. (In the anime the girls are openly shown being less hostile towards Keitaro, many fans have seen this as a weakness, saying that because of this the emotional scenes ¨C particularly those between Keitaro and Naru ¨C don't stand out as much as they do in the manga.)

    Keitaro's primary (and usually exclusive) interest is in Naru Narusegawa, though all the other girls have different sorts of affections for him (including close friend, a playmate, and non-threatening crush object). Keitaro and Naru's relationship is complicated by several girls falling for him, or girls Keitaro promised a future relationship with while he was younger.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    The story takes place in the Kanagawa Prefecture, and centers on 19-year old Keitaro Urashima, a young man desperately trying to be accepted into the prestigious Tokyo University in order to fulfill a childhood promise he made with a girl he now regards as the girl of his life. His obsessive pursuit of this dream is one of the few shining spots of optimism in his otherwise unlucky life. He becomes manager of the Hinata House (日向荘, Hinata Sō?, also known as Hinata Apartments), property of his family and now an all-girls' dormitory.

    After much tribulation, he wins their respect and eventual affection. From the beginning of the series, he suffers physical damage and abuse, which continues and increases as the series goes on. (In the anime the girls are openly shown being less hostile towards Keitaro, many fans have seen this as a weakness, saying that because of this the emotional scenes – particularly those between Keitaro and Naru – don't stand out as much as they do in the manga.)

    Keitaro's primary (and usually exclusive) interest is in Naru Narusegawa, though all the other girls have different sorts of affections for him (including close friend, a playmate, and non-threatening crush object). Keitaro and Naru's relationship is complicated by several girls falling for him, or girls Keitaro promised a future relationship with while he was younger.
  • An addicting hilarious adventure that I cant get enough of!!!

    This show is awesome!! there always sooo much going on. especially all the awkward incidents Keitaro gets himself into living in an all girl house. There is never ending non stop laughter. Plus the occasional romance doesn't hurt either. Overall this show is truly original it makes u laugh. cry happy, sad i really can't go without watching this show. After watching the 1st show I was already addicted to it!This is a must see for everyone who is looking for an all around great anime!!! I love this show!!!! They need to make a sequel to this series Seriously!!!
  • well i think about of the love hina is so romantic and all the hinata girls are amazing...i wonder what happens to love hina again.... there is so many scenes that i cant forget..

    Because of the story line to each character, i wish i can watch the love hina again, i cant find it anywhere, i only saw the trailer of it. And its so wonderful that i want to buy one but i dont have any money or time because im busy.
  • Amazing show it was hilarious and although i seen these type of series Love Hina was one of the best A+ for this show

    I love this show it was really good althought some of the voice acting wasn't as i excepted but everythign eles is awesome It was really funny tho sometimes it was meant to be serious. Even tho there are plenty of other anime that does this type of act this was on of the best with the typical characters that u would c in others the like the shy guy, shy girl, drinker, tech freak and the spontantious person and so on.....all around tho it was a great series I really wish they made a sequel to this great and outstanding Series one of my favorites
  • You Fail to get into Tokyo U. AGAIN?

    Love Hina Brings back so much memeries. This anime is about a guy by the name of Keitaro, who wants to for fill his promise to a childhood friend and that promise is to get into Tokyo U. Maybe the hardest University in Tokyo. Easy to be said than done. Since he fail to get into for the 2nd year, he lost his privaledge to live with his parents. He then gets to be in a All girls hotel or dorm, but does he know that... Nope... He tries Explaining to the "Girls" in the hotel that he is the new manager but they couldn't accept him.. Heck they think he is a pervert and beats the living thing out of him. Poor Keitaro. This Anime is worth watching because this is the source to most of the Romance animes out there. This anime is not recommended to Young teens ;P
  • The Hinata girls are a really scary bunch of girls which you don't want to mess with. That is the factor that makes them so easily to love!

    Narusegawa Naru for one really packs a punch when she is angry with Keitaro for peeping at her when he really does not mean any harm. She has a very extremely fiery temper. The person that manages to annoy her the most is Keitaro. Although Naru is so rough with him, she still loves him. He makes her jealous by getting too close to the other girls in the apartment. Still this 17 year old student does not admit that she has strong feelings for him. She was the top in Japan on the practice entrance exams but maybe because of his influence, her grades have dropped to Keitaro’s standard. She then studies with a Tokyo university student, Seta, whom she develops a serious crush on. She made 3 promises to get into Tokyo University, the first one with Keitaro, then with Mutsumi and finally Seta when he was tutoring her. She especially likes the Liddo-Kun doll given to her by a friend who was Mutsumi when she was younger. Keitaro Urashima, a 20 year old student was has desperately been trying out for Tokyo University for a promise made when he was younger with a girl whose name he cannot even recall. He fails the entrance exams twice and got kicked out of the house. He then moves to his grandmother’s inn after a call he receives from her. This extremely kind-hearted boy has landed on a really bad spot because the inn he is going to is an all girls dormitory. He becomes the manager of the inn. Keitaro is one unlucky guy because he is always at the right place but at the wrong time, because of this, he always gets hit. He can take all the punishment given to him. His kind nature makes the most Hinata girls develop strong feelings for him and most of them try to steal him for themselves. Mutsumi Otohime, a clumsy and frail 21 year old girl who lives in Okinawa. Keitaro and Naru met her while on a trip in Kyoto, which vacation after failing the exams. Like them, she was also taking a trip to get hold of herself. She is portrayed as an intelligent girl who scores full marks in the practice exams but fails to get into Tokyo University because of mistakes like forgetting to write her name. She can also talk to turtles which she claims that she can’t. Her worldly goods consist of only watermelons. Mutsumi gave her Liddo-Kun doll to Naru when she left Hinata at a young age. Shinobu Maehara is really skilled in cooking and doing household chores. Unlike her best friend, Su, she is quiet and shy. She develops a crush on Keitaro but later her feelings become unclear as she does not know who she wants Keitaro to be with, either herself or Naru. She gains confidence only after Naru and Keitaro get married. Motoko Aoyama finds that men are a distraction that keeps her from concentrating during Kendo practice or her studies. She later gets used to Keitaro. She fails in the entrance exams to get into Tokyo University but eventually passes the test and becomes a law student. Her sister, Tsuruko, gave up the life of the sword to marry and believes that Motoko is talented that herself. Motoko, on the other hand, admires yet fears her. Tsuruko is far stronger than her but when she got married, Motoko lose the drive to improve herself. There are only 2 things that she fears in the world one is Tsuruko and two, for some unknown reason, turtles. Kaolla Su is a 15 year old foreign transfer student who is hyperactive who is hugging, trying to eat something, (bananas and Tama-Chan) or inventing a dangerous new device. It seems that Motoko is the only one who is able to tolerate her hyperactive ways. Her whole room is a natural habitat with banana trees, waterfall and small lake with a high tech laboratory. Mitsune Konno a 19 year old freelance writer never seems to write anything is always drunk and always teases Keitaro. She is Naru’s best friend. She is usually more flirtatious around Keitaro. Like Naru, she also developed a crush on Seta. Since she knows so much about Naru’s past, she can provide Keitaro with details on it.
  • If you find half-naked women hitting guys with anything you can possibly imagine, mixed in with a love octagon, then this is the series for you.

    Love Hina is basically about 20-year-old Keitaro Urashima, a man who failed his Tokyo University entrance exam twice, and is trying for a third time. He has never had much luck with women, except for a promise he made with a young girl 15 years ago. A promise that they would go to Tokyo University together.

    One day, when Keitaro\'s grandmother calls him up to her Inn, he arrives, unable to find his grandma anywhere in the Inn. He goes in, uses the hot spring facility, and ends up seeing a woman, Naru, bathing in the hot spring. After a twisted series of events, in which the women there chase him throughout the complex, Keitaro is saved by his aunt Haruka, the current landlord. He then finds out the Inn has been converted into a girls dormitoy, and has been named the new landlord by his grandmother.

    The series mainly revolves around Keitaro, his feelings for Naru, and how things advance between him and the other residents. Even though it contains some fighting, the series is really a romantic comedy, as those are the bases for the shows story.If you are a fan of romance stories, comedy or both, I highly recommend you watch this series if possible. You\'ll be hard pressed to find an anime as good as this, let alone a show of any kind.
  • "they should bring it back"

    they should bring it back it was one the best anime show's i watched it up to episode 25. i looked for more but i can't find it that sucks how they stoped making the series naru is cool , motoko is crazy with that sword, su is just crazy, shinobu cooks alot. the show is so good but episode 21 was good the first episode was dumb because the way naru was getting closer to keitaro then she finds out that he failed the test three times before. then keitaro thought that naru was the girl that he promised that he would make it into tokyo U did i tell you that tokyo u is the hardest university to get into.

    pce much love snake-1234
  • Love Hina is the best anime series I ever seen. See all 25 episodes the the \"Christmas\" and \"Spring\" specials and the \"Love Hina Again\" Ova at least once, you\'ll be glad you did.

    Love Hina is a about a young man named Keitaro Urashima, who is a prep school student trying to make it into Tokyo University to fufill a promise he made to a mysterious young girl, who\'s name he forgot. He is also a day dreamer, a whiner, and acts nervous and klutzy around females ,he\'s very immature but very kind hearted and sensitive and was tricked into being the new manager at the Hinata Apartments, which is an all girls dorm. When he first arrives at the Hinata Apartments all hell breaks loose when he goes to the \"Hinata Hot Springs\" which is for girls only, he runs into the very nearsighted Naru Narusegawa, he gets beat up and chased by the female residents.(Which happens alot through the course of the show.) Naru Narusegawa is a character that becomes Keitaro\'s love interest. They have a love hate relationship, but in reality she likes him too, but has trouble admitting her true feelings for him. Shes also the one that beats him up the most and is very insecure about her feelings. It takes her the whole series, two specials, and a 3 part OVA to admit her true feelings towards him and herself. Other Characters made the show even more enjoyable and added depth to the story line. Like The hyper but fun loving gadgeteer Kaolla Su, the sedective, sneaky, and nosey Kitsune Kolla, the man hating Motoko Aoyama, the sweet and innocent Shinobu Maehara. And the airheaded Mitsume Otohime. The show never specified if Naru was Keitaro\'s promised girl but I believe she was. Even Keitaro\'s adversary Kentaro Sakata was enjoyable to watch, when they both competed for Naru\'s affections, he became more likable by the end of the series when he showed his serious side. Only thing that disappointed me about the series was the fact Keitaro and Naru didn\'t get married, but they both ended up in Tokoyo University. Even though it was a comedy it was a very romantic series, and I loved every minute of it.
  • an awsome comedy series

    Love Hina is a love/comedy story of a boy named Keitaro who at the age of five promised a childhood friend that they would go to Tokyo U, the best college in Japan, because of the ledged that states, "That if two people in love go to Tokyo U together they will live happily ever after". too bad for Keitaro that now, 15 years later he can't remember the name or face of the girl he made the promise to. The series consists of 6 DVD's 3 movies and a couple CD soundtracks. It was also based on the award winning manga Love Hina.
  • freaken funny a$$ show!

    these series are awesome! they're not only funny but romantic too! i read the manga and the manga made me laugh out loud plenty of times! the show makes you do that too! i think it's funny how these high school kids work hard and fall in love with eachother. it makes you think hard about universities if you watch this! lol

    I just loved the whole love friction between Naru and Keitaro. Oh my gosh. The Christmas Special. Most touchingist speech, Naru's ever did. And just straight out romantic on the Spring Special. Love Hina will always stay true to my heart. And I think that the way they ended the series was a great way.
  • A guy whose dream is to fulfill his promise to enter one of the top universities with a girl who he can't remember what her face looks like or what her name is.He's to find out who this girl is when becoming a landlord for a girls' dormitory.

    Love Hina was a good story.I think it was very original and was very funny and exciting mixed together with a building relationship between the landlord and one of the residents of the all girls' dormitory.What I didn't like was that it had some very annoying characters in it.What I enjoyed the most about the adventures of Love Hina was that it wasn't like any other anime that i have seen because it was mostly based on real life and had much more realistic events that COULD happen unlike the other animes.Overall,I think that it was great and quite enjoyable wondering what each day would add to Love Hina.
  • random, hilarious and addictive

    This show can kill your foulest mood within a minute. The randomness, the characters and the plot are a few reasons to watch this show. The music of this series totally fits the show, it has an odd kind of humor in it, I think. The characters all have their oddities which makes all of them appealing. I especially love Suu-chan, Kitsune and Mutsumi. Keitaro manages to get himself into the most ridiculous situations and is mostly the 'victim'. It's a shame this series only has 28 episodes, but at least there's still a bit of Love Hina again. There are very few shows with as much humor as this one.
  • Keitaro stays at Hinata Apartments, an all-girls dorm. He tries to get into Tokyo U in order to fulfill a childhood promise he made, while tackling the unusual and random events that take place at Hinata Apartments.

    If there is one major thing I hate about "Love Hina", it's that it never resolves the plot fully - or at least, to my satisfaction. When I heard that the series was cancelled by its 25th episode, I was struck with disappointment.

    "Love Hina" could've gone far if it continued its winning streak of laughs, romance, and oddities.

    I really love the characters in this series, especially Narusegawa Naru and Kitsune. They all have unique traits that set them apart from the other characters, making their interactions dynamic and unpredictable at the same time. There's nothing really original about these special characteristics though. You've probably seen them in another animes: there's the shy type (Shinobu), the awkward geek-ish type that always gets mistaken as a pervert (Keitaro), the clever fox-like manipulator (Kitsune), or the girl-of-your-dreams type that will never hesitate to kick your ass if presented the oppurtunity (Naru).

    Though I will reiterate that they're not exactly original and are common anime trends, the writers use them very well. The predicaments the characters get into really help spice things up.

    What you'll really enjoy about "Love Hina" is its total randomness and weirdness. There's a bunch of visual anime trends that really stretch the situation, making things appear more comical than they should be. For example, when Keitaro gets his ass kicked, he is sent into the stratosphere and turns into a star. It's not exactly an original anime trend, but these, and MANY MANY more, help to accentuate the comedy.

    In short, I loved it.

    The story only fails in the ending, which as I've said before, was not fully realized.

    Nevertheless, I'm sure fans of the manga (or any comedy, for that matter) will thoroughly love "Love Hina". The comedy really hits the mark, just like Naru's punches.

  • Very cool and funny!

    I would say it is very awesome to watch. A lot of Drama, I like Kerito (I may have spelled that wrong)the way he acts makes things funny and how he gets caught between all these girls. While looking INTO the girls dormitory, but I thinks it's a really great show people should watch. Sorta Like a spot opera in a way. But, one still fantastic Anime show!
  • this should be called the best anime serie ever made. Romance/Comedy/Action/Thriller And Parody!!

    when you watch it you feel some strange feeling that you didn't felt in a long time! that feeling is produced by a serie of cliches that get better and better as the serie advances.
    Keitaro is a young student that is trying to get into Toudai(tokio university) for several years. He still didn't gave up (after 2 tries) because of a promise made 15 years ago to a little sweatheart girl that had a love-relationship with him. they promised this because it is said that if a couple go to toudai they will live happily ever-after! This could have been forgottened by him but he didn't because he is a total loser,very desperate for love (poor guy!!).

    Keitaros' parents are fed up with him so they tell him to get a job and live somewhere else...( you know japanesse customs !) Ocationally his grandmother ask him to be the Kanrinin(manager, in charge of a buisiness) of her inn(girl dormitory!) that has some hot springs ;). so nowhere else to go keitaro agrees...

    The girls dormitory has only hot girls around 15 and 30 years old wich sometimes get violent with Keitaro because they think(!) he's a pervert! also there are some parody s to pokemon,sailor moon, Is', Samuri series, vidoe games, etc...
    all these combined with cliches and some characters that appear out of nowhere. till the last eppisode you will be suffering to know the end, will keitaro get to toudai? will he met his true love? wait,my friends...

    - Aang -
  • One of the best anime shows ever. Yeah!

    Well, all I can say is that thisis a very awesome show. The animation is perfect. The character developments are nicely done. The textures and the background is fantastic. The background is especially perfect because the artists added every little details. The plot is very humorous. The voice acting is a little annoying and bad but that doesn't stop this from being an awesome show.
  • THE VOICES ARE HORRIBLE. but its a great show.

    Why in the world did they have to ruined this show with the voices?! Now if I didn't have english subtiles, I would have given this a 2 or maybe even a 1. But besides all of that, this is a great comedy-romance Anime. I love the manga of this show!!!
  • cool big tits booty all big 10.10 i give it should be put on starx or adult swim hot show who ever did not see it or at least read the book is not cool they should try if they say it is boring they don't know good at all.

    all the girls are hot i willdo one of them for free i hope ketiaro passes to tokyo u and naru it is great soon it will be greater and hotter funner great naru has powerful attacks it is better and better i droll every time isee the girls they are mad hot
  • Based on Ken Akamatu's successful manga, Love Hina turns into an anime series.

    Love Hina is about a guy named Keitaro Urishima, fifteen years ago, he made a promise to a girl to be in Tokyo University together but he has forgotten her name. After two falures to get in, he's getting kicked out of his house, and has to live in a hinata house. Now here's where the real fun begins: he meets Naru in a hot spring and everyone's trying to get him. Now that Naru hates Keitaro and he has to become landlord of a girls' dormatory, his world turns upside down. The character designs are good, the backround is well beautiful, and the amination's great. Some of the episodes are perfectly sweet. But there is some japanese writing after another, if you can't read it, the scene won't be any sense at all. It does have almost a catchy opening, but the closing isn't good. Love Hina is good if you haven't bought the manga, so if haven't watched the anime, you'll might as well give it a try.
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